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How do I download video recordings from the Matterhorn Lecture Capture system?

If your video recordings are already added to a Study direct site, then the easiest way of downloading them is from Study direct.

Downloading videos from Study direct 

Visit your Study direct site and go to the video you wish to download. You'll see that there is already an option to download it from Study direct.

The "quick and easy" way


Lecture recording display in Study direct showing where the download link is


Simply click the download link (circled in the image above) to download your recording as an MP4 file. This includes the audio and presentation component of your recording (e.g. everything that was on the lecture screen).  It does not include any recording via the camera (e.g. of the lecturer).

You can then upload this file into Panopto:



If your recording included a stream from the camera, then there will be 2 videos associated with your recording. One for the presentation, and one from the camera of the presenter.

You may wish to download both of these streams. In this case you need to download from the Matterhorn player page.


The more flexible way - from the Matterhorn player page

If you need to get hold of the camera recording, then you need to download your recording from the Matterhorn player page.

Matterhorn player page showing the link to the Download options

Click the Download link and choose the High Quality video options and the audio - note that you have to explicitly add the audio or there will be no sound available.

Matterhorn player page showing the files to download


Once you have downloaded the files you need, you can still create a recording in Panopto, using the Build a Session feature, which allows you to add multiple video streams to create a single Panopto recording:



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