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Are there any online videos for using Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft provide a variety of online resources for using Teams.  Links to some useful ones are below.

General Pages

Teams Overview video - gives a really good overview of the main features available in Teams if you are new  to it.  For more detail see the individual videos

Microsoft Teams Training Videos

Screen sharing of your desktop or a PowerPoint Share my screen in ChatShare my screen from a meeting

Blur my background if you are working from home or a public area and want to hide what's going on behind you

If you prefer text try the Microsoft Teams Quick Start guide which gives information on the key areas

Personal device Setup

When using video and sound you will need to setup your device video and sound settings. There are also settings within Teams which should be checked. See link below

Call and camera settings in Teams


General usage reminders

  • Anyone in the Team can see the content of the Channels unless they are set as a private channel
  • Chat is private between those who are using it
  • Meeting invites added to a Channel won't be emailed to all members, you need to add individuals when creating the Team invite. That's true even if you set the invite to a specific channel. 


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