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I am having problems Knitting to PDF documents in R Studio on University Windows computers

  1. Check that MikTeX is installed on the PC you are using
  2. Either open Software Center and check under installed Software tab that MikTex is there or check the start menu for MikTeX

3. If MikTex is not installed then install it from Software Center, look under the Available Software tab for it, it will take 2-4 minutes to install

4. Once MikTeX is installed and you click Knit to PDF in Rstudio if you get an error similar to the one in this image:

5. Do the following, Open MikTex Console from the start menu

6. Next click on "Stay in user mode"

6. Then click Settings and then move the radio button so it is on Always install, rather than Ask me

7. If you have RStudio open close it now and reopen it so that the change you just made to MikTeX can take place. 

8. Knitting to PDF should now work.


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Created by James Turner on 22 August 2019 and last updated by James Turner on 22 August 2019