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In Word, how do I get page numbers and other text, such as my candidate number, to appear at the top or bottom of every page?

 Microsoft Word 2016

To create the same header or footer for each page:

  1. Double-click in the top margin to open the header
    From the Insert tab, Header & Footer group, click the Header icon and choose Edit Header
  2. The text you enter in a header or footer is automatically left aligned. To center an item, press TAB; to right align an item, press TAB twice.
  3. To create a footer, click Go To Footer icon in the Navigation group, from the Header and Footer Tools tab
  4. To add a page number, choose the Page Number icon, in the Header & Footer group, from the Header and Footer Tools tab
  5. Click Close on the Header and Footer icon in the Close group.






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Created by Jason Bailey on 27 July 2001 and last updated by Adrian Chorlton on 1 August 2016