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What does it mean when my lecture recording status is "running"?

When a lecture recording has been created it goes through a workflow in order for it to be accessed by our students.

The recording will initially be processed, to back up the original media and create a low quality version from which you can review (and optionally edit) the recording.

Once you have decided to publish the recording, it will be processed again to create a published version of the recording at a variety of qualities which takes into account the edits, detects slide changes (in presentation video) and creates preview images.

During these processing stages the recording status will appear as "running" to signify that the recording is currently being worked on - recordings cannot be edited while a workflow is running.

Processing video is intensive in terms of computing power so it can take some time for this to complete - please see our How long will it take for my recording to be available? FAQ for more information

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Created by Paul Gration on 1 October 2018 and last updated by Paul Gration on 3 December 2018