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How can I check my Sussex email and calendar on my phone or tablet? Use the Outlook mobile app.

Before connecting your mobile device to your Sussex email account, you must set up encryption to ensure that University data is kept secure.  Apple devices are encrypted when you set a pass code, and the same is true for most Android devices (to check your Android device is secure, follow this guide to encrypt an Android device).

Outlook Mobile app icon

IT Services recommends that you use the Outlook mobile app to connect to your Sussex email accounts and calendars.

Please see these guides to install and set up Office and Outlook on your mobile device:

iPhone guide

Android guide



Setting up your email account in the Outlook mobile app

  1. Install the Outlook app from the iTunes store or Play store
  2. Open the app.  You will be prompted to add your first email account.  If you have used Outlook before, select Add Account in Settings.
  3. Enter your Sussex email address.
  4. Follow the rest of the steps, entering your Sussex password when prompted.

You may be prompted to accept some additional security settings.  These are to ensure that the data on your phone remains secure, and you will need to accept them in order to finish configuring your email account.



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