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How can I restore earlier versions of data and folders in my MFM mediafiles from a Windows PC on campus?

The mediafiles storage system was introduced in Media, Film and Music in 2017. It replaced the "media for" directories available on Macs in the Silverstone labs and includes a facility which allows you to recover earlier versions of files you have been working on.

1. Log in to a campus Windows PC

2. Click the Windows button and choose Computer

3. In the address bar, type \\mediafiles\mediafiles\ followed by your username (or the name of a group share if you have access to one), e.g. \\mediafiles\mediafiles\ano23, and press Enter to see your files

Screenshot of computer window

 4. Right-click on the folder or file you want to recover and click Restore previous versions... to see the versions available to restore.

screenshot of right-click menu with Restore previous versions... option

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Created by David Guest on 24 April 2017 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 21 November 2017