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How can I open Office 2016 on my Mac? The icon is bouncing but the Office application doesn't open.

The first time you try to use an Office 2016 application after installing on a Mac, it may take too long trying to retrieve the preferences from previous versions of Office. If the icon for Word or Excel is bouncing in the dock but the application does not open after a few minutes:

  1. hold down ctrl and click on the bouncing icon in the dock
  2. choose Force Quit (and confirm, if asked)
  3. click on the icon in the dock again to re-open it

Screenshot showing the menu after ctrl+clicking on the icon and before choosing Force Quit

The second time you click on the icon, the application should open with standard settings and create a fresh set of preferences for the new version of Office.

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Created by David Guest on 11 April 2017 and last updated by David Guest on 11 April 2017