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How do I use versioning in Box?

If you use Box at the University we have added a feature called versioning. This means that when a file is edited and saved not only is the updated version saved but the previous version is also saved. If you edit/view the file in the normal way you will always get the latest version but if you are the file owner or co-owner you have the option to view and/or revert to a previous version.

To access previous versions navigate to the file in question. If there are version available you will see an indicator as shown below:

Versioning in box

To see the versions available click on the indicator. You will then see a scrollable list of versions:

Version list in Box

On this screen you can see the version number, V6 - V4 shown with the current version at the top. For previous versions you have two choices. Download means that you can download a copy to review - this will not change the current version. If you choose Make Current then Box will create a new version, V7 in this case, and make this the current version.

If you wish to add a completely new version from a file stored elsewhere you can add this via this screen by clicking on Upload New Version.

You will be invited to locate the new version and then upload it. You would use this option if someone had edited the file offline and you then wanted to update the current version in Box to the new version.

Upload new version Box

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