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QuickTime Media Causing Problems in Nvivo on Windows

Apple have stopped supporting QuickTime Player for Windows, and will not be patching the current known and future security vulnerabilities.

QuickTime Player will not be available on Windows university workstations, which may cause problems if you plan to use QuickTime media within Nvivo on Windows.


Please ensure you are running version or newer of Nvivo. To check the version, open Nvivo and click File > Help > About Nvivo

If required, Nvivo can be updated on university workstations from Software Center.


Problem - Some Media files will not Import - Attempting to import .qt or .mov files may show an error message.

Solution - If you are unable to import media you can try converting the file to another format. See FAQ 2785 for notes on how to convert media files with VLC. Once converted try the import on the converted file.


Problem - Projects with QuickTime Media already Imported may not playback the media when 'Open Source' is selected.

Solution - Either convert the media file to another format and re-import or export the file from Nvivo, convert the file and re-import

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Created by Mark Wilson on 6 May 2016 and last updated by Mark Wilson on 5 August 2016