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Can I save my own templates to be seen in Word when I use the New option?

When you open a new file Word shows you the installed templates which came with Word.

You can create your own templates which you can use.

First you need to change the Word Settings to tell it where the Templates should be saved.

Set up the locations

  1. Open Word
  2. Use, File > Options > Advanced and scroll down until you find the button File Locations in the General area.
  3. Click onto this button
  4. Click onto the line that says User Templates
  5. Click Modify
  6. Click in the path at the top and copy it
  7. Cancel the dialog box
  8. Cancel out of the File locations dialog box
  9. From the panel on the left click on Save
  10. Move to the Default personal templates location in the Save documents and paste in the path from step 6
  11. Click on OK

Create your templates

  1. Type the documents as per any other Word document
  2. When Saving switch the Save as type: to be Word Template and Word will save the template into the location setup above
  3. Now when you go to File, New you should see the Word 'Personal' under where it says Suggested location

NB: PowerPoint will use the same file location for templates


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