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How can I check who has access to or change the access in my Outlook Room Calendar?

This can be done by the owner of the Outlook meeting room (in Exchange).

  1. First, contact IT Services via the Red Help button ( and put in a General enquiry and request that your permission on the required Calendar be set to Owner in Exchange.  (This presumes that you are the registered account holder for the room).
  2. After notification that you are the Exchange Owner open Outlook
  3. Switch to your calendars
  4. If not already done you will need to add the room calendar if not on your list,
    1. Click on the Open Calendar button and Choose Room List
    2. Enter the name of the room you are looking for
    3. Move the cursor to the correct room and click Go
    4. Click on OK
    5. The room calendar is now displayed in the list of calendars (often on the left)
  5. Right click on the Calendar you wish to check and choose Properties
  6. Select Permissions tab
  7. You can now use this dialog box to amend the permissions, add or remove people on this room. 

NB: Anyone can invite a room to a meeting, no individual permissions are required.

Warning: If you are owner to a calendar you will be able to double book it.  Therefore we recommend recurring meetings are booked via your own calendar first to check availability and when you are sure all occurrences are free you can then book direct into the calendar, or you can book and then manually check the dates.


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Created by Samantha Jane Elmer on 9 November 2015 and last updated by Samantha Jane Elmer on 8 September 2016