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How do I update CrashPlan Pro on my staff Mac?

If you need to update CrashPlan Pro on your staff iMac, you can follow this procedure to update and re-enable it:

  1. First launch the Managed Software Centre and click on Updates (the Managed Software Centre will be in your Applications folder if it's installed on your Mac)
  2. Install the CrashPlan update if there is one
  3. Now launch CrashPlan and login as an existing user with your IT username (e.g. ano23) and password
  4. Click the link at the top of the panel to adopt a previous computer

    screenshot of the crashplan panel with the link to adopt a previous computer

  5. Click the I understand box and click OK

    Screenshot of the

  6. Now identify the most recent backup for your computer, click to highlight it and click OK

    Screenshot of the option window to adopt another computer

  7. Finally, this process will log you out of CrashPlan, so log back in and then click on the change button just to make sure that all the folders you want to be backed up are ticked. For more details on checking backed-up folders, see our CrashPlan installation guide.

Your computer will now resume back-ups as normal and will sync back with the previous backups that have been taken rather than starting again from scratch.

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Created by David Guest on 12 May 2015 and last updated by Neale Type on 17 July 2015