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Account error displayed in Microsoft Office 2013

Symptom: A yellow triangle is shown in the top corner of an Office application; also clicking on your name displays this message. You may also find you are unable to access files stored in your University of Sussex OneDrive, from Microsoft Office applications:

 Account error Message - Word


The problem is caused by a login error to your Microsoft 365 account, to resolve the issue follow these steps

  1. Open an Office application, such as Word.
  2. Click File > Account.
  3. Click on Sign out.
  4. Click Yes on the dialog box.
  5. Click the Sign in button.
  6. Enter your Sussex username followed by
  7. Enter your Sussex password.
  8. After a short while you should find that Office is now signed into your account.

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Created by Mark Wilson on 22 December 2014 and last updated by Mark Wilson on 8 August 2016