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PowerPoint Links to YouTube not working?

This problem has been caused by changes made by both Google and PowerPoint and only affects video added to the presentation as embedded code. Videos which are accessed via a Hyperlink or Shockwave Objects will continue to work in Office 2013 (Shockwave Objects will only be displayed as a white square with a cross until the presentation is run).

A black square will show instead of the video.

Recreating the link - options

You can create a Hyperlink to jump out of PowerPoint into Internet Explorer and run the video there (single click from slide show).  This is recommended as being more future proof and can be done in both Office 2010 and 2013 although is not as slick. Alternatively you can use Microsoft's direct replacement and add it again as a YouTube item using PowerPoint 2013.

Recreating the link – as a Hyperlink (PowerPoint 2010 or 2013*)

  1. Go to the site which has your chosen video and copy the address/URL.  If you do not know the address of the original YouTube, click broken link and write down the address.
  2. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Move to the appropriate slide, delete the black square and add what you wish to be the clickable link (eg type some text, a screen shot or a picture).
  4. Select the text/picture.
  5. From the Insert tab click on Hyperlink (or right click and choose Insert Hyperlink)
  6. In the Address bar, paste the address of the URL.  (Tip: If you want to start playing part way through the YouTube video, at the appropriate point right click on the video and choose “Copy Video URL at current time”).
  7. Click on OK

NB: These videos will play in Reading View or when playing the presentation, but not whilst editing.

Recreating the link – As an Online Video (PowerPoint 2013 only)

  1. Go to the slide with the broken link.  If you do not know the address of the original YouTube, click broken link and write down the address.
  2. Delete the broken YouTube entry
  3. From the Insert tab click on Video.
  4. Click on Insert video from the Web
  5. Enter your search criteria (or the address/URL)
  6. Click the small arrow at the end of the field
  7. Select your video from YouTube.
  8. Save your presentation

NB: These videos will play in Edit/Normal view, Reading View or when playing the presentation

*If you do not already have office 2013 on your staff PC this is available for self-install.  Before upgrading please consult the How do I upgrade to Office 2013 FAQ 2682 regarding differences/impact of upgrading. Installing software on IT Services Staff desktop. Staff can obtain Office 2013 for their own machines.

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Created by Samantha Jane Elmer on 2 September 2014 and last updated by Samantha Jane Elmer on 14 September 2016