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How can I resolve the problems I have when running Ansys?

When using Ansys on Application Jukebox, if you encounter strange behaviour or error messages when trying to run extensions, the program may be running out of disk space. Ansys creates large files while running projects and so it's easy to reach the limits of your file space quota.

If you're having problems, try these steps to work around the issue:

1. Check your quota
Follow the procedure to check your filespace quota and make sure you're not running close to your limit. If you are, try running your project locally on the PC instead (see below) or delete some files from your home directory.

2. Run the project locally
Ansys runs a lot faster if it's using files stored locally on the PC rather than using the network. Files saved in your Documents folder are located in the University's central systems and so Ansys has to update them over the network which takes much longer.

You can speed up the process by copying your project over to C:\temp\ before you open it in Ansys. This will also give you a lot more available space for the temporary files that Ansys needs while running projects.

Take care!
You must make sure that once you've finished, you copy your project back into your home directory as otherwise you will lose your files when you log out of the PC.

3. Reset the temporary cache
For persistent errors with Ansys, try resetting the settings and cached files:

  • close Ansys
  • open Windows Explorer (you can do this from the Start button by choosing Documents)
  • click into the address bar of the Windows Explorer window, then type or paste the following location and press enter: %appdata%
  • right-click on the Ansys folder and choose Delete

Now try again to run Ansys and if you still have problems, please contact IT Services for assistance.

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Created by David Guest on 2 April 2014 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 22 October 2018