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How do I increment the data values in a column of data in Excel?

In Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 this is achieved by creating a formula:

  1. If required, insert a new column to the right of your original data.
  2. If your original data is in column C and starts in cell C3.  In cell D3,  enter a formula to calculate the new value:
    Example:  =C3+20
    If increasing by a percentage, say 5%, the formula would be entered like this:
    Example:  =C3*1.05
  3. Press [ENTER].
  4. Use the Fill-Handle to copy this formula down the new column.

If you wish to change the results in a single cell to static data click into the formula bar, press F9 and Enter.

To change the whole column to static data copy the data to another column using 'Paste - values only'.

You can also increment values using the fill drop down - once you have selected the starting cell you can fill in any direction by selecting the cells you want to be filled or by using the series options you can specify step values and different types of growth.

Fill drop down  






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