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Setting up Outlook mail folders for sharing with others

The tables below list the types of sharing permission that can be granted on folders, and the levels of access that can be granted to other persons.  The actual method for granting such permissions and access levels is explained in FAQ 2498.

Table 1 lists the types of permissions that can be set on folders.  These need doing in conjunction with the setting of access levels (shown in Table 2) for those who will be sharing those folders:


Create Items
Users can post items to the folder.
Create Subfolders
Users can create additional folders inside the folder.
Edit Own
Users can edit items they have created and own.
Edit All
Users can edit all items, including those they do not own.
Folder Owner
The owner has all permissions for the folder.
Folder Contact
The folder contact receives automated messages from the folder such as replication conflict messages, requests from users for extra permissions, and other changes to the folder status.
Folder Visible
Users can see the folder and its items.
Delete Items
Depending on the chosen setting, users can delete all items, or only those items they own, or no items at all.

Table 2 lists the levels of access that can be given to another person when arranging for them to share one or more of your folders:


Owner The owner has all permissions and can edit and delete all items.
Publishing Editor Has all permissions and can edit and delete all items, but does not own the folder.
Editor Has all permissions (including edit and delete on all items) except the ability to create subfolders or act as the folder's owner.
Publishing Author Has all permissions except the ability to edit or delete items belonging to others and the ability to act as the folder's owner.
Author As for Publishing Author except the ability to create subfolders.
Nonediting author Users can create and read items, and delete items they own, but cannot delete others' items or create subfolders.
Reviewer Users can view items but cannot modify or delete existing items or create subfolders.
Contributor Users can create items but cannot view or modify existing items.

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