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In Word how can I print page indivudal pages from various sections?

In Word you can create a multiple-section document that uses different page numbering in each section. To specify a page or a range of pages to be printed, you must supply both the page number and the section number for the range that you want to print. In a multiple-section document that contains more than one page 1, Word cannot determine which page 1 to print unless you also supply a section number for that page. 

To print a range of pages across sections, use the following syntax in the Pages box:


For example, you would type p1s1-p2s2 to print from page 1 of section 1 through page 2 of section 2.


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Created by Samantha Jane Elmer on 29 November 2011 and last updated by Adrian Chorlton on 1 August 2016