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How can I remove all or part of my mailing list's archive?

You might decide that your mailing list's archive has grown too large and you would like to truncate it or even remove it altogether.

Archive removal or truncation can only be done by the Mailman Site Administrators.  If you would like all or part of your mailing list's archive removed, please send a request to IT Services using the General Enquiry button of the online request form, and provide details as described below.

When making your request, please note the following points:

  • We will only accept archive removal requests from the mailing list's recorded administrator (owner).
  • Please specify the exact name (as used in email) of your mailing list.
  • Please specify as precisely as possible which portions of your archive you want deleted (use the Go to list archives section of your mailing list's admin page to help you decide).
  • If you want your list's entire archive deleted, please say so.
  • We may contact you to ask you to confirm your request.
  • IMPORTANT: Note that once an archive has been truncated or deleted, the deleted portions cannot be restored.

If you want to stop your mailing list archiving its messages, go to the Archiving Options section of your mailing list's admin page (or visit, where listname is the exact name of your mailing list), and change the Archive messages? option to No.  Then click the Submit Your Changes button to save the change.   Note that this will only stop further archiving; if you want the existing archives deleted or truncated then you must still send us a request as detailed above.

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