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How to allow others to view or edit your Outlook calendar

When your calendar is first set up, all members of the University will be able to view your Free/Busy time so they can see if you're free for a meeting. But you might want to give some of your colleagues access to read or change events in your calendar.

To do this, you can name them as a delegate and select the level of permission they have:

Reviewer - has "read only" access;
Author - can read or create items;
Editor - can read, create or amend items.

Using Outlook
To add someone to the list of people who can access your calendar:

  1. Under the File menu tab, click the Account Settings button.
  2. Click on Delegate Access and then click the Add... button.
  3. Look up the name of the person to be given access to your calendar, or start typing their name in the Search box at the top to see matching names in the Global Address List.
  4. Click the required person's name in the list, then click the Add-> button at the bottom.  Then click OK.
  5. Select the appropriate access level (Reviewer, Author, or Editor) against the Calendar item, then click OK.
    Note: if you only want to allow the person access to your Calendar, remember to set the other items' permissions to None.
  6. Click OK to update the changes.

To remove someone from the list:

  1. Under the File menu tab, click the Account Settings button.
  2. Click on Delegate Access.
  3. Click on the name of the person to be removed from the list, and then click the Remove button.  Or you can use the Permissions... button if you only want to change that person's access level.
  4. Click OK.

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