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How can I make a book for an iPad or a Sony e-Reader?

A number of e-readers, including the iPad and Sony e-Reader, use the ePub format (short for electronic publication). This is a very common format for electronic books and you can produce ePub documents using the iMacs in the Library or Shawcross.

On an iMac, open Pages from the Applications folder or the dock and then open the document you want to convert (or create it using Pages). For the most reliable results on a range of e-readers, use Word Processing mode rather than Page Layout. You can include images but make sure you insert them straight into the text rather than floating them on the page. 

If you want to split your document into chapters, use View to open the Styles drawer and create a new style called "Chapter name". Each time you put in a new chapter heading, choose this style for it.

When the document is ready:

  • from the File menu, choose Export
  • choose ePub and enter a name and category for the document
  • you can also choose to use the front page as a cover if you wish
  • choose a location to save it and then click on Export

Screenshot showing the dialog box that appears when you export as ePub in Pages

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Created by David Guest on 5 March 2011 and last updated by Adrian Chorlton on 1 August 2016