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How can I visit a Sussex mailing list's archive?

Some Sussex mailing lists are configured so that they keep archives of all the emails sent to the mailing list.  Whether or not lists keep an archive is at the discretion of the person who manages the mailing list (the list administrator or list owner).

A mailing list's archive is normally only available to the list's members (subscribers).

When you receive an email from the mailing list, a link to the list's members' information page should be shown at the very end of the email.  This link is normally shown as

where listname is the name of your mailing list.

If you click that link (or enter the address in your browser, replacing listname with the exact name of your mailing list, but don't include the part), the page that appears contains a section at the top, headed "About listname", and that page should show a link to the list archives. You will need your subscriber password to access the archive. This is not your ITS (Sussex Direct, email etc) password but is exclusive to you as a subscriber of that mailing list.

If you don't know your subscriber password for the mailing list, you can get a reminder by following the instructions at the bottom of the list info page (click the Unsubscribe or edit options button, then enter your email address at the top and click the Remind button at the bottom).

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