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I want to use my Library on two machines, what is the best way to do this?

For those who use EndNote X6 and above there is a synchronise option which will synchronise with your free online Endnote account. Therefore, provided you synchronise each time you make updates, there should be no need to move the libaray. EndNote still recommend that you backup your library using the Compressed Library option on the File menu.

If this is not available safest way to move your library is to use the Compressed Library facility which combines all the Library Information into one file.  When this file is opened on another PC is it expanded out into the .enl file and .Data folder (a little like EndNote's own version of a zip program).

If you wanted to move the files manually then remember that when using EndNote X and above EndNote uses
 - the .enl file
 - the .Data folder

So for a library called SussexUniversity you would need to move a file called SussexUniversity.enl and the folder SussexUniversity.Data.


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