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How can I recover a Word document I was working on when my computer crashed?

If you are part-way through working on a document when due to circumstances outside your control (such as the computer crashing or a network problem), you are unable to continue, there is a danger that the changes you have made will have been lost. This can be very frustrating and lead to a lot of extra work.

Of course, the best way to guard against this risk is to be in the habit of regularly saving your files while you are working (every 10 minutes is recommended).

Fortunately many programs, such as Microsoft Word, have an in-built "auto-save" function that automatically backs up a copy of your work every few minutes. But AutoRecover does not replace regularly saving your files, you must still do this.


For instructions on how to recover your files please visit this Microsoft recovery page.  


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Created by David Guest on 17 February 2010 and last updated by Benoit Sharp on 12 January 2024