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How can I find out who 'owns' or manages a Sussex Mailman mailing list?

The people who manage a mailing list are known as the list's administrators or owners. In this article we'll refer to them just as owners.  A mailing list normally has one owner, but some have several co-owners.

To find out who owns a particular mailing list, follow these steps:

  1. Point your web browser at the Mailing Lists home page.
  2. In the Quick links for list administrators section, enter the exact name of the mailing list in the box provided, but do not include the part.  For example, if a mailing list is normally mailed as, just enter cake-club in the box (but see the note below about domained mailing lists).   Then click the GO button.

    NOTE that if you enter a name that does not correspond to any existing mailing list, after a short delay a page will appear with 'No such list' in red, at the top left.  Click your browser's BACK button if this happens.

  3. If the name is correct, an authentication page will appear.    You will see the email addresses of the list's owners at the lower left, for example
    cake-club list run by A.N.Other at

    (note how the address is disguised slightly).
  4. Once you have noted the addresses of the list owner(s), you should leave that page.

NOTE: Domained mailing lists

Some mailing lists are named and addressed according to the departments they serve, such that the school or department is shown as the mail domain name before the list name, but given after the @ sign in the list's email address (for example, bmec_listname would be emailed as All USSU (Students Union) mailing lists in particular are always named ussu_listname but are emailed as  When looking for a domained mailing list's owner, remember to enter the list name as domain_listname, such as ussu_listname in the box in step 2 above (for example, ussu_cake-club).

Contacting the owner of a mailing list

You can email the owner of any Sussex mailing list, without knowing who they are, by sending an email to, where listname is the exact name of the mailing list.  For example, for a mailing list called cake-club, the list owner can be emailed at  For a domained mailing list (for example ussu_cake-club), you would email
If a mailing list has more than one owner, your email will be sent to all the co-owners.


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