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My DVD is running, but the picture is not displayed on the screen. Why is this?

  1. First check that the projector has been switched on and allowed to warm up (at least 30 secs).  You need to wait until there is light coming from the projector lens.
  2. Next check that the correct source is selected on the system control panel - the wall-mounted instructions give details of how to do this. (eg that the button marked DVD or VCR has been pressed if the previous person used their laptop)
  3. Is your DVD the correct region (if using a PC)?  NB The DVD standalone players are multiregion.
  4. Do all the cables appear to be correctly connected?
  5. If playing back from your laptop, you may need to tell your machine to output to the projector - usually via a combination of keys - please consult your user manual, and press the Laptop source on the Extron panel
  6. If the problem persists, please call x8022 for assistance.

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Created by Chris Limb on 15 November 2007 and last updated by Samantha Jane Elmer on 2 September 2016