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My DVD is playing in a teaching room, but there is no sound. Why?

  1. Check that the correct source is selected on the Extron control panel
  2. Ensure that the volume is raised on the main touch-panel/control panel
  3. Ensure that the "sound mute" or "volume mute" has not be used

If you are playing a DVD via the PC check that the PC itself is not muted in the system tray (bottom right-hand corner of the screen - the speaker icon may show a red line across when muted).

If you are using the standalone DVD/VHS player, this is often because the amplifier unit is turned off or switched to the wrong input. Please check that the amplifier unit is powered, the volume is raised, and use the input dial to switch between inputs. If the inputs are not clearly labelled, raise the volume slightly and select each input in turn until you hear sound. (The amplifier is often black metal box, about the size of a PC base, and has various buttons and knobs on it)

Refer to the wall-mounted instruction sheets for further details of how to do this.

**Please note that as legacy technology, vhs playback is now subject to phased withdrawal across campus.  VHS players are not installed in Jubilee or Freeman buildings, so if your teaching depends upon it, please either transfer videotaped material onto DVD or alternatively book a vhs player from the AV support team (x8022) which you can plug in locally.**

Please also see My DVD won't play through the projector

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Created by Chris Limb on 15 November 2007 and last updated by Samantha Jane Elmer on 14 September 2016