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My Mac laptop was connected to the wired network but has now stopped working.

Some Mac computers have a built-in diagnostics feature that pops up when there is a loss of network connectivity. Unfortunately if you use this feature it resets your settings incorrectly for the use of the Sussex network. Instead of making a DHCP connection, the Mac tries to connect using a different method (PPoE).

To correct this you have to reconfigure the built-in Ethernet as follows

  • Click Apple Select Systems Preferences >Internet and Network >Network 
  • Click Built-in Ethernet and Click Configure 
  • Select the PPPoE tab 
  • To turn off the  PPoE setting ensure that Connect Using PPPoE is unticked.

  • Select TCP/IP tab.  Select Using DHCP from the drop-down menu.

 Your Mac laptop should now connect to the Residential network in the normal way. 

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Created by Sandy Radford on 9 October 2007 and last updated by Tom Stanton on 14 August 2015