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What is meant by my "official" Sussex email address?

Your official email address is the one shown against your name in the Sussex Staff Profiles page, or the Student Directory.  This address is assigned either when your account is created, or subsequently as a result of a request to change it.    The address will also be stamped automatically on outgoing email.

If you are staff or a postgraduate student, your official address normally uses your initials and surname, such as A.N.Other(   If you are an undergraduate then your official address uses your IT username, such as ano23(

Your official email address is also used by the Sussex Mailing List system as a means of authentication when you post messages to any Sussex mailing list to which you belong: this is why when you subscribe to a Sussex mailing list you should always subscribe with your official address.

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Created by Andy Clews on 20 August 2007 and last updated by Steve Eastty on 21 September 2023