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What computing facilities are available to delegates attending conferences and events at Sussex?

The University is able to offer four different types of computing access to delegates attending conferences and events on campus:

  1. Wireless internet access (eduroam) for academic delegates using their own portable devices 
  2. Wireless internet access for visitors to events organised by SPACE (Conferences)
  3. Use of University-owned GTS computers (by prior arrangement with SPACE and ITS).
  4. Free wifi via the O2 public wifi service.

1) Wireless access for academic delegates using their own portable devices

If you are visiting Sussex from another institution which uses eduroam, you should be able to connect to the Sussex eduroam network freely without further authentication.

If your academic institution does not participate in eduroam, your Conference organiser can arrange in advance with SPACE or ITS for eligible conference delegates to have wifi access. Delegates must be aged 18 or over.

Please note, connecting to the University’s eduroam network may require network configuration changes to the delegate’s device. 


2) Wireless access for non-eduroam delegates attending SPACE events

Credentials to access the Conferences wifi service are issued by SPACE staff.


3) Use of University-owned computers

By prior arrangement with SPACE and ITS, delegates over the age of 18 may be authorised to use specified University-owned 'tutor' networked PCs located within teaching rooms.


4)  Free O2 wi-fi service available to all campus visitors

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