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How do I pick up an attachment that was sent to a mailing list?

Some mailing lists are configured so as to 'scrub' attachments.   This means that the attachment is stored in the list's archive instead of being copied to each member of the list.    If you receive such a message, you will see the line

A non-text attachment was scrubbed...

after the main message text, followed by information about the attachment:

Name: name of the file that was attached
Type: type of application used to create the attachment
Size: size of the attached file
Desc: description, if any
Url : link to the archive containing the attachment

Click on the link given in the Url: line, and you'll be taken to the Private Archives Authentication page for the list, where you will need to enter your subscriber's email address and your subscriber's password.  Note that this is your password for this mailing list, NOT your personal email account password.

If you do not know your list password, you can find out how to obtain it at FAQ 1124.

When you have entered your address and password, click the Let Me In button.

In the Archives page, click one of the Thread, Subject, Author or Date links as appropriate.

You should then see a link to the message that contains the attachment - click on that link.

You should then see the text of the message, together with a Url link to the attached document. 

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