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Students who submitted late work claim mitigating evidence due to campus wide computer crashes. Can I verify if there were problems?

Yes you can look up on our ITS Latest News web pages to see if there were any major computing problems.

Go to the ITS web pages

Scroll down and click More news under Latest news in right hand side column

then you can see the current news displayed, and also, in the left hand column, News Archive

then select starting and end dates for previous news, (allow a few days either side of the specified date) and that should include any service interruptions.

However please remember that, quoting from

Mitigating Circumstances - Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Students

Failure of Word-Processing/Computing Equipment

19. Submission deadlines are real deadlines. Delays in typing or the unavailability or failure of word-processing or printing facilities will not constitute acceptable reasons for failure to meet deadlines. However, subject examination boards may take into consideration the systematic failure of university computing facilities which prevented submission (NB this does not apply to printing backlogs on the day of submission). Failure of personal computer equipment should not be considered an excuse for late submission as it your responsibility,through proper data management, to have backups of work. 

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