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I've forgotten (or don't know) my subscriber's password for a Sussex mailing list.

List Members (subscribers) and List Administrators can request a password reminder using the Mailman web pages or by email:

Web method (for list members)

  1. Go to the Sussex Mailing Lists home page.
  2. Scroll down to the second section, headed 'Quick links for list members'.
  3. Enter the exact name of your mailing list (don't type the part) in the text box, then click the GO button.  This should take you to a page with your mailing list's name in the page heading.
    If you are shown a long page titled ' Mailing Lists' you have typed an incorrect mailing list name - go back to step 1.
  4. Go to the bottom of the list's web page and enter your subscriber's address (this should normally be your official Sussex email address) in the box next to the Unsubscribe or edit options button, which you should then click.
  5. In the page that appears next, click on the Reminder button in the Password reminder section.

Email method (for list members and list administrators)

  1. Start an email to (replace listname with the name of the mailing list for which you need the password).   You may only do this from the email address which is subscribed to the list (but see the note in step 2)
  2. If you are a list member, put the word password in the Subject line, with nothing else, and leave the message body blank.
    If you are a list administrator for this list, put 'address=' and the subscribed address after the word password; for example put
    password in the Subject line in order to send a password reminder to the person who is subscribed with that address.
  3. Send the message.
    Mailman will send a reminder of the subscriber password to the subscribed address.

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