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I am a member of staff in IDS, should I get a IT Services computing account?

IDS provide their own computing facilities for their staff, including their own mail server, (with email addresses of the form so IDS staff often do not need a general IT Services computing account.  IDS staff should contact David Beaven, tel 5663 or (01273) 915663, in IDS if they have any queries about access to IDS computing facilities.

However IDS staff who want to access the university electronic library resources may need an IT Services computing account.  Also IDS staff who need to use the "Sussex Direct" web pages will also need an IT Services computing account.  To register and collect an IT Services computing account please come over to IT Service Desk in Shawcross  which is open each weekday 9:00 - 17:00.

With the Sussex computing account comes a Sussex email address. It is this email address, ( that will then be displayed if people look up your email address on the Sussex web pages. So you may wish to set up automatic mail forwarding from your @sussex email address to your @ids email address, using the My IT Accounts web page, to ensure that you do not miss any mail sent to your @sussex email address. The Sussex web pages will always display your Sussex email address, rather than your IDS email address, if you have one.

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Created by Caroline on 23 September 2003 and last updated by Sandy Radford on 13 September 2016