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How can I modify (or delete) the footnote separator (or endnote separator)?

Footnotes and Endnotes are, by default, separated from the body of the text by a short horizontal line known as the Footnote or Endnote Separator. This can be customised but you must have at least one footnote or endnote in your document before you can carry out the following:

  1. Make sure you are in Draft view
  2. Double click on a footnote reference mark in the text.  The footnotes/endnotes will be displayed in a separate window.
    Footnote edit button
  3. Click on the down arrow attached to the [Footnotes/Endnotes] button:Footnote dropdown
  4. Select Footnote Separator (or Endnote Separator, as appropriate) - the current note separator will be displayed without any existing foot/endnotes
  5. Select the existing separator, press delete and enter the new separator
  6.  Change the separator and select   X to close the Footnote window

Note: the separator can be restored to its default setting by clicking on the [Reset] button during step 3.

If a footnote or endnote is particularly long, it may stretch onto another page and will be separated by a Footnote/Endnote Continuation Separator.This can be changed using the same method as above.

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Created by jason on 28 August 2003 and last updated by Adrian Chorlton on 1 August 2016