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How can I insert Matlab pictures (images) into Word?

There are several ways. One method is:

  • Select the matlab figure window;
  • From the picture window menu, select copy;
  • Switch-to or open the Word document;
  • Select paste.

You should use a different method if you require higher resolution pictures (or are using the Unix version of Matlab). These use the print function in MATLAB. For further information type help print. Here is an example of creating an encapsulated postscript file in MATLAB:

  • Click on the figure to be printed;
  • Click back to the MATLAB command window;
  • Type print -deps filename
  • This creates a file called filename.eps in the working directory
  • Select the Word window;
  • From the Insert menu select Picture and From file;
  • Select the file you have just created and click on Insert.

For further help see the website or type help print in the Matlab command window.

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