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I am a student completing my studies. When will my IT Services account close?

This information is for students only. If you are staff, please see FAQ 2222.

After you complete your studies with the University of Sussex, you will retain access to some systems for a period of 14 months from the end date of your course, however you will lose access to other systems due to licensing restrictions, so you will need to prepare for this.

Before your course ends 

When you reach the expected end date of your course you will lose access to some services. You will be sent some warning notifications when you are getting close to your course end date to help you prepare.

If you have completed your undergraduate course but are due to study a postgraduate course next year, contact the IT Service Desk with confirmation from your new supervisor or new department that they are expecting you to become a postgraduate at Sussex to have your account extended to October.

When your course ends, you will lose access to file storage locations: OneDrive, Google Drive, N Drive. So, if you want to keep any of your personal files you must make copies of them before the end date of your course. We recommend saving your personal files to your personal cloud storage.

Office Applications When your course ends you will lose your Sussex license providing you with access to Office Applications e.g., Word, Excel etc. So, if you want to continue with the ability to edit office files you may want to consider purchasing a new license. 

IT Equipment If you have been loaned any equipment you will need to return it to the school or department that loaned it to you. 

Library Access Your library card will no longer be valid when you are no longer a student at Sussex. You should return all books to the library before you leave.   You can only access online e-resources while you're a registered student.

Careerhub Access You will receive an email to the personal email address you have registered with the University. This will contain instructions on how to access Careerhub as a graduate. Note that your ITS login details will no longer be used to log in to Careerhub. If you require support with your Careerhub account please contact

When your course ends

When you have reached your course end date your account will continue to have access to the following services for a period of 14 months.  

  • Sussex Direct (so you can book yourself on to a graduation ceremony) 

  • Canvas (so you can access your assignments, grades, readings, teaching materials and feedback for the courses you have studied).

  • University Email Account (so you can be contacted and continue to contact us). Please note that due to security restrictions you will not be able to forward university email to an external personal email account.  This access will only be available online to you, and not through any applications.

After 14 Months

At the end of 14 months your account will be closed, your Sussex mailbox will be closed and you will no longer be able to login to our systems.

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