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In Word, how do I insert and delete footnotes?

Microsoft Word automatically numbers footnotes for you. You can use a single numbering scheme throughout a document, or you can use different numbering schemes within each section of a document. 

To insert a footnote:

  1. Open the References tab and in the Footnotes group select  Insert Footnote
    Word inserts the note reference mark and places the insertion point in the text area of the new footnote.
  2. Type the text for the footnote
  3. Double-click the footnote reference mark to return to the reference mark in the document.

NB: Following the procedure above will give automatic, consecutive numbering.  As footnotes are added or deleted the numbers of the other footnotes will adjust automatically. 

To delete a footnote:

  1. Select the footnote symbol in the body of the document and press  Delete
    Any text relating to that symbol/number will be deleted.

 Note   If the footnotes in your document are numbered incorrectly, your document may contain tracked changes. Accept the tracked changes so that Word will correctly number the footnotes

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