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How do I resolve problems accessing Canvas resources with Safari?

If you use the Safari web browser, you might have problems accessing certain third-party resources in Canvas.  This has been known to effect access to Turnitin and the Talis Aspire reading list system.

You might see a login screen within the Canvas page, but not be able to log in.

Alternatively, you may be presented with an error page indicating that the resource is unavailable.


If possible, use another browser.

If this isn't possible, please follow these steps to change your privacy settings in Safari:

You need to disable a setting called “Prevent cross-site tracking”.

 To disable this setting:


  1. Click on the Safari menu item, then choose Preferences
    The Safari menu
  2. Click the Privacy tab
  3. Untick “Prevent cross-site tracking”, then close the Safari preferences
    Changing Safari preferences

    Alternatively, for some versions of Safari, select "Always allow" then close the Safari preferences.
    Safari 12 settings
  4. Refresh the Canvas page – this should now load the third-party resource correctly

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Created by Alexander Butler on 23 October 2018 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 25 October 2018