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I've just changed my ITS password but now I can't log in online. What's happening and what can be done?

If you have recently changed your IT Services password and you're now experiencing difficulties logging in or accessing areas for which authentication is needed, this could be because another program such as a mail client still has your old password.  A mail client will be constantly sending requests to access new mail using your old password and repeated attempts with an out of date password will cause our system to block your account.  

The block only lasts for a few minutes but if a program is repeatedly failing the authentication process the account will be repeatedly blocked.  

To solve this, make sure you have changed your ITS password across all devices and programs that are currently using it.

If you're experiencing problems logging into Sussex websites or websites that require your Sussex credentials, like your email, you can solve this issue by clearing the cache and cookies of the internet browser you're using. Click the browser you're using below to see instructions on how to do this.

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer


If you are still experiencing issues with your password, contact IT Services.


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Created by Claire Craig on 23 February 2016 and last updated by Dominique Sharp on 5 March 2021