Service Level Agreements

IT Services has a set of Service Level Agreements which define how quickly you can expect support from us when you report an issue. These targets are set by:

  1. The criticality of the service
  2. The scale of impact when there's a loss of service (the number of people who are affected)
  3. The time of year (for example, some services are more critical at registration than during the Christmas vacation)

Service Criticality

Each IT service is designated High, Medium or Low criticality based on the importance of that service at each time of year. You can see a list of services and their criticality in this spreadsheet.


Impact is the number of users affected by an interruption to an IT service. The categories of impact are:

  • HIGH: The whole University, or all staff, or all students
  • MEDIUM: One building, or one office, or one team
  • LOW: Under five users

Priority and SLAs

A combination of service criticality and impact give the priority to restore a service if it's interrupted. Priority ranges from P1 (high priority) to P5 (low priority):

 High ImpactMedium ImpactLow Impact
High Criticality P1 P2 P3
Medium Criticality P2 P3 P4
Low Criticality P3 P4 P5

Each priority level corresponds to a Service Level Agreement:

 Response Level TargetResolution Level Target
Priority 1 15 minutes 4 hours
Priority 2 1 hours 1 Day
Priority 3 2 hours 3 Days
Priority 4 4 hours 5 Days
Priority 5 8 hours 10 Days
Based on working days Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Updated on 27 April 2021