IT Services Customer Charter

Our Commitment

  • Treat you fairly, and with kindness, dignity and respect whenever you deal with us.
  • Provide services that meet your needs, and support how you research, study, and work.
  • Provide knowledge and resources to help you find what you need or resolve your issues quickly.
  • Keep you updated with timely and relevant information on the status of IT services, and upcoming scheduled events.
  • Resolve your IT issues and requests within the timescales set out in our Service level Agreement.
  • When we get things wrong, say sorry, and put things rights as quickly as we can.
  • Listen to your feedback, and work with you to improve our customer services, and the IT services that we provide.

Your Commitment

  • Treat our staff with kindness, dignity, and respect, and be patient with our team as they try to help you.
  • Inform us of faults or requests as early as you possibly can and provide us with the information we need to help you.
  • Report non-urgent faults or make requests via our Online Portal to help us provide you with the best possible service, only calling the Service Desk when your fault is urgent and you need immediate help.
  • Use the IT Service Desk as the main point of contact whenever you need assistance or help with IT.
  • Let us know via the IT Service Desk when we have got something wrong and give us time to put things right. Also tell us when we have done a good job.
  • Help us improve our services by providing feedback.

Updated on 13 August 2021