About IT Services

The IT Services Department is one of the University's Professional Services and provides services which underpin many of its academic and non-academic activities.

To report an IT problem or request a new IT service, please log in to the ITS Self Service page and complete a form. You can also contact the Service Desk on extension 8090 (+44 1273 678090).

IT Directorate

Jason Oliver
Director of IT Services
(ext 8700)

Clare Gryce
Deputy Director, Operations and Research
(ext 6847)

Peter Collier
Assistant Director, Technology and Architecture
(ext 8905)

Katie Damen
Assistant Director, ITS Business Relations
(ext 3030)

Peter O'Rourke
Assistant Director, IT Operations
(ext 3116)

Lee Rose
Interim Assistant Director, IT Infrastructure
(ext 7371)

Karen Le Beau
IT Business Planning and Support Manager
(ext 8503)

Projects and Programmes

Ian Duffy
Director of Strategic Projects & Change
(ext 6900)

Julie Hamilton
Assistant Director, Projects Portfolio
(ext 3319)

IT Consultative Group

The IT Consultative Group meets three times a year (in February, May and October) and reports to the University's Information Services Committee.

Its terms of reference are to advise the Director of IT Services on computing issues and to provide a forum for the discussion of computing facilities and provisions, including, but not limited to, the computing services provided by IT Services, and the level at which they are provided.

A list of members plus documents from past meetings are available in Sussex Direct.

Updated on 14 January 2022