Skype for Business

Skype for Business is available to all Sussex Staff. It is the best way to have voice calls, instant messaging (IM) and meetings with colleagues.

At this time, you can only make voice calls using Skype for Business to other Skype for Business (or Skype) users. Most Sussex staff cannot use it to call landline or mobile numbers.

Options for Phone and video conferencing

For clarity, the main communications tool for University staff working remotely is Skype for Business.  You can use it for making phone calls and online meetings.   It comes as part of Office365, which we recommend you download and install for free. Staff should not be using free or unsupported tools at this time, including LoopUp.

Where staff are already using MS Teams, this tool can also be used for calling and video conferencing within the group/team you are working with.

The University is in the process of commissioning a site wide Zoom license which is an easy to use and well known online meetings software which is tried and tested for large numbers of attendees (e.g seminars).  We will of course let everyone know when that is available.

There are two versions of Skype – and they have slightly different logos (see below).  Click here to see and understand the difference – it’s important you use Skype for Business as you can log into it with your university credentials.

Skype for Business Guides