Doctoral School

Winter graduation

Congratulations to the 133 doctoral researchers whose doctoral degrees were conferred at the winter graduation cermonies which took place on Thursday 26th - Friday 27th January 2017.

School of Business, Management and Economics

Hang Minh Pham – The impact of credit ratings and CEO’s work experience on earnings management and post-issue performance of US IPOs

Yohannes Ayalew Birru – Essays on the role of public infrastructure and medium-term growth strategies in developing countries (with particular emphasis to Ethiopia)

Francisco Javier Cabrera Hernandez – Essays on the impact evaluation of education policies in Mexico

Philippa Crane – The uppers and downers of drug development: why do some projects succeed in development while others fail? An exploration into the conditions associated with the success and failure of UK rare cancer drug projects

Mattia Di Ubaldo – Firms and trade in downturns

Nicholas Gutierrez – The integration of complementary knowledge through collaboration amongst public R&D organisations: lessons from the agri-biotechnology innovation system in Uruguay

Caio Toledo Piza Da Costa Mazzutti – Three essays on the causal impacts of child labour laws in Brazil

Pierluigi Montalbano – Essays on trade openness and vulnerability to poverty

Cian Patrick O’Donovan – Processes of innovation system emergence in new locations: theoretical explorations and an in-depth case study of wind energy technologies in Ireland, 1990-2014

Dong Un Park – Latecomer firms and the pursuit of a dual frontier: the case of Korean handset manufacturers

Amrita Saha – Essays in Indian Trade Pollicy

Matteo Sandi – Empirical essays on the economic returns to migration and education

Edgardo Sica – Eco-innovations and companies’ financial constraints: a multilevel perspective analysis

Tsegay Gebrekidan Tekleselassie – Three essays on the impact of institutions and policies on socio-economic outcomes


School of Global Studies

Darius Alexander A’zami – Citizen-peasants: modernity, international relations and the problem of difference in Tanzania

William Da Rosa – The dialectic of emancipation and repression in international human rights law

Benjamin James Dix – Graphic violence: representing conflict and migration through visual narratives

Caitriona Dowd – The emergence of violent groups: branding, scale and the conflict marketplace in sub-Saharan Africa

Matthieu Hughes – The peculiarities of universal banking; politics, economics and social struggle in the making of German finance

Astrid Jamar – Transitional Justice Battlefield: Practitioners Working around Policy and Practice in Rwanda and Burundi

Leo (Dhohoon) Kim – Visualising discourses and governance of human embryonic stem cell research in South Korea (in comparison to the UK)

Maxmillan Martin – Moving from the margins: migration decisions amidst climate – and environment – related hazards in Bangladesh

Anneke Newman – Faith, identity, status and schooling: an ethnography of educational decision-making in northern Senegal

Ellen Ann Irene Marie Vandenbogaerde – Networks, malandros and social control: exploring the connections between inequality and violence in Venezuela

Jacken Alfred Gathercole Waters – Producing space and reproducing capital in London’s Olympic Park: an ethnography of actually-existing abstract space

Daniel Watson – Militarised post-conflict statebuilding: explaining South Sudan’s war-to-war transition

Nicholas James Whittaker – The island race: geopolitics and identity in British foreign policy discourse since 1949

Ross Wignall – ‘Our brothers keeper’: moralities of transformation at YMCA centres in the UK and the Gambia

Katie Alisa Wright-Higgins – Ambiguous migrants: contemporary British migrants living in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand


School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Grace Omeche Agaba – Mathematical modelling of epidemics with account for population awareness

Richard Olu Awonusika – Harmonic analysis in non-Euclidean geometry trace formulae and integral representations

Stephen Patrick Begley – Optimisation of the coupling of ion strings to an optical cavity

Raul Antonio Cuesta Ramos – Quantum gravity and the renormalisation group. From the UV to the IR.

Darren De Motte – Cryogenic Ion trapping for next generation quantum technologies

Asma Elbirki – On parabolic equations with gradient terms

James McMichen – Determination of areas and basins of attraction in planar dynamical systems using meshless collocation

Najla Abdullah A Mohammed – Grid refinement and verification estimates for the RBF construction method of Lyapunov functions

Erin Victor David Pichanick – Bounds for complete arcs in finite projective planes

Martin Ritchie – Higher order structure in networks: construction and its impact on dynamics

Philip John Rooney - The XMM cluster survey: a new cluster catalogue and applications

Agamemnon Sfondilis – Phenomenology and Naturalness in Gauge Extensions of the MSSM after the Higgs discovery

Chaichalit Srisawat – Semi-analytic model of galaxy formation with radiative feedback during the epoch of reionisation

Ansgar Heinrich Benedikt Wenzel – Theory of generalised biquandles and its applications to generalised knots

Richard Francis White – Exploring star formation in galaxy populations using the far-infrared-radio correlation

Samuel Mark Young – Constraining the early universe with primordial black holes


School of Engineering and Informatics

Rakan Abdullah Alsowail – Secure file sharing

Nouf Matar Alzahrani – Student summarised videos in an adaptive and collaborative e-learning environment (ACES)

Samuel Freed – A role for introspection in AI research

Mohammad Sofian Haji Awang Radzuan – Evolving Brunei Darussalam’s economy towards technology-based industries

Thomas Hayes – Routing protocols for next generation mobile wireless sensor networks

Chad Mckinney – Collaboration and embodiment in networked music interfaces for live performance

Babatunde Olumide Olawale – Near real-time monitoring of buried oil pipeline right-of-way for third party incursion

Aydin Rajael – Efficient and flexible geocasting for opportunistic networks

Sasithorn Rattanarungrot – A service oriented mobile augmented reality architecture for media content visualisation in digital heritage experiences

Ali Zarafshani – A high-performance, multi-frequency, micro-controlled Electrical Impedance Mammography (EIM) excitation and phantom validation systems

Weifan Zhang – The medical device market and its industrial evolution in China


School of Law, Politics and Sociology

Nassar Abaalkhail – The effectiveness of internal control in tackling corruption

Toygar Sinan Baykan – Electoral success of the Justice and Development Party: the role of political appeal and organisation

David Evans – Sex education and sexual orientation in the UK: policy and experience in the classroom

Elizabeth Ebere Ibegbulam – The under-representation of women in IT: A participatory research approach assessment of 14 year olds’ perceptions of IT/ICT as a school subject and possible future career

Mukesh Kumar Khatwani – Professional women’s perceptions and experiences of respectability, social status, and autonomy: a case study of women employed at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh-Pakistan

Kate Lauren Spiegelhalter – Creative interventions in mental health: a critical analysis of the mindfulness agenda in Sussex


School of Life Sciences

Hasan Al Toufalilia – Integrated control of honeybee diseases in apiculture

Brnyia Omar Salem Alwhshe – Synthesis and applications of nanostructured metal oxide films

Unum Amin – Cellular characterisation of small open reading frame function in Drosophilia melanogaster

Bilge Argunhan – Interplay between Dbf4-dependent Cdc7 kinase and polo-like kinase unshackles mitotic recombination mechanisms by promoting synaptonemal complex disassembly

Giacomo Edi Canciani – Beyond the light: a study on the nanophotocatalytic degradation of gas-phase contaminants

Adam James Close – Regioselective routes to tetrasubtituted aromatic compounds

Paul James Davison – Social polymorphism and social behaviour in sweat bees

Alexander David Mcdonald Dewar – A computational approach to understanding visually guided behaviours in insects

Thomas Draper – Investigations on the reactivity of small molecules: a molecular and semiconductor approach

Jessica Eloise Dwyer – Building molecules for the modulation of age-related diseases

Claire Harkin – Ecological interactions of an invading insect: the planthopper Prokelisia marginata

Lauren Holt – Genetic structure, reproductive skew and the evolution of sociality in the hover wasp Liostenogaster flavolineata

Wan Liu – A genetic approach to identify Hox regulatory microRNAs during Drosophilia development

Benjamin May – Investigation into the structure:function relationship of the alternative oxidase

Duncan Moore – FUS, RNA and the nucleolus

Thomas Oliver Moore – Synthetic strategies towards challenging PPI drug targets

Citlalli Morelos Juarez – Conservation of brown-headed spider monkeys (Ateles fusciceps Rusciceps) in NW Ecuador; applying an agent-based model

Muhammad Ali Shahzad Mumtaz – High-throughput assessment of small open reading frame translation in Drosophila melanogaster

Victoria Catherine Norman – Caste and task allocation in ants

Oran O’Doherty – Synthesis of novel trypanosome alternative oxidase inhibitors for the treatment of African trypanosomiasis

Gavin William Roffe – The synthesis, catalytic investigation and theoretical rationalisation of unsymmetrical pincer palladacycles

Julia Vanessa Shearman – The regulation of respiration on plant growth and development of Fallopia japonica, Japanese knotweed

Ian David Sloss – The effects of ethanol on memory and neuroplasticity in a vertebrate and an invertebrate model of learning


School of Psychology

Samuel Charles Berens – The roles of hippocampal and neocortical learning mechanisms in the human brain

Cecilia Paula Cordeu – Child and parental acculturation attitudes and child wellbeing: concurrent and longitudinal relationships among children in immigrant contexts

Kate Doran – Translational approaches to studying reward-based purposive behaviours

Nina Alison Flore Fanny Furtwangler – Attitude toward, knowledge and use of the “sensible drinking” message and unit-based guidelines in university students: a mixed-methods approach

Bushra Hassan – Identity processes among adolescents and young adults in Pakistan: implications for personal and social wellbeing

Peter Adam Hovard – The role of cognitive, sensory and nutrient interactions in satiation and satiety: considering consumers

Maxine Sherman – Prior expectations shape subjective perceptual confidence

Sophie-Elizabeth Williams – An investigation into how children gain vocabulary via storybooks

Thomas Wright – Towards a better understanding of sensory substitution: the theory and practice of developing visual-to-auditory sensory substitution devices


School of Education and Social Work

Doctor of Education

Dennis Henry Love – Identifying attitudes leading to a feeling of global citizenship: a mixed methods study of Saudi students studying English in higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Emmanuel Muvunyi – Teacher motivation and incentives in Rwanda: analysis of stakeholders’ perceptions of the changes in teachers’ motivations during 2008-13

Doctor of Philosophy

Nihad Abdallah Mohammed Al-Zadjali – ESL teacher identity construction in Omani Higher Education: an ethnographic case study

Emily Clair Danvers – Re-thinking criticality: undergraduate students, critical thinking and higher education

Tsuyoshi Fukao – To what extent can incentives change teacher motivation? A case of teachers in Cambodia

Susan Joy Goodman – An investigation into improving scientific literacy in Israeli university students within an academic English reading programme

Sarah Elizabeth Leaney – Located lives: an ethnographic representation of people and place on a British council estate

Ahmed Abdulaziz Sager – Higher education management in Saudi Arabia: a case study of the University for Business and Technology (UBT)

Doctor of Social Work

Julia Emily Victoria Shaw – Socialism by grace: the new visibility of postsecular social work


School of English

Rukayah Alhedayani – Antonymy in modern standard Arabic

Richard William Ethan Georges – Charting the sea in Caribbean poetry: Kamau Brathwaite, Derek Walcott, Dionne Brand, Alphaeus Norman, Verna Penn Moll and Richard Georges

Patrick James Johnston – Working with comics: labour, neoliberalism and alternative cartooning

Alexandra Reynold – English as a medium of academic identity: attitudes to using English for research and teaching at Nantes University

Maho Sakoda – George Eliot and Pre-Raphaelitism: literature, painting, sculpture and photography

Philippa St George – Heat and lust: desire and intimacy across the (post) colonial divide

Kristian Huw White – Undoing ‘you’: blindness and second sight in the second-person novel

Naomi Louise Wynter-Vincent – In the penumbra of Wilfred Bion possibilities for literary criticism


School of History, Art History and Philosophy

Natacha Chevalier – ‘Rationing has not made me like margarine’ food and Second World War in Britain: a mass observation testimony

Alice Compton – Waste of a nation: photography, abjection and crisis in Thatcher’s Britain

Patrick Simon Moffett Levy – Phenomenology and sleep

Alexa Hannah Leah Neale – Capital domicide: home and murder in the mid-century metropolis

Elaine Finbarr O’Connell – Emergent emotion

Peter Xavier Price - ‘Providence and political economy’: Josiah Tucker’s providential argument for free trade

Anne Frieda Stutchbury – ‘At home’ in Standen: A study of the Beale family’s lived experience of their late-nineteenth century Arts and Crafts home, 1890-1914


School of Media, Film and Music

Sally Bream – Unveiling climate change at Pevensey levels: a photographic documentation of a landscape in the temperate climate of southern England

Cecile Chevalier – Remembering to remember: a practice-based study in digital re-appropriation and bodily perception

Alan Dennis D’aiello – Communicating in the local: digital communications use in Brighton’s gay pub scene

Tanya Kant – Making it personal: web users and algorithmic personalisation

Kazuyoshi Kawasaka – Between nationalisation and globalisation: male same-sex politics in post-war Japan

Elizabeth Helen Reed – Making queer families: identity, LGBTQ parent and media representation

Frank Verano – D.A. Pennebaker and the politics and aesthetics of mature-period direct cinema

Emma Jane Withers – Virtual corporeality: narrative and spectacle in Hollywood VR cinema


Institute of Development Studies

Alia Jane Aghajanian – Social capital and conflict: impact and implications

Lidia Vilela Cabral – Priests, technicians and traders: actors, interests and discursive politics in Brazil’s agricultural development cooperation programmes with Mozambique

Maria Djolai – When the rooftops became red again: post war community dynamics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Julian Garcia Cardona – Value-added initiatives: distributional impacts on the global value chain for Columbia’s coffee

Yashodhan Ghorpade – Essays on household behaviour at the intersection of conflict and natural disasters: the 2010 floods in Pakistan

Rachel Godfrey Wood – An ethnographic study of the relationship between the Renta Dignidad and Wellbeing in the Bolivian Altiplano



Doctoral School