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Mark Rutherford Letters

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  1. 21.06.1905 Quakers; standard of religious writing in magazines; a verse of E.S.
  2. 03.11.1905 Photograph of E.S.; beauty of the wood; weather.
  3. 03.02.1906 Poems of E.S.; old age; poems of Christina Rossetti; a thrush; Molly [White, daughter of W.H.W.]
  4. 09.05.1906 Practical advice to E.S. ; E.S. as a Thelemite; memorial quality of hair; proposed visit to St. Leonards.
  5. 17.05.1906 The sea at St. Leonards. From 1 Maze Hill Terrace, St. Leonards-on- Sea. Mutilated fragment
  6. 19.06.1906 Fables and poems of E.S, "North Street and South Street", "Joy"; some reflections on E.S.'s engagement (?) to A.D. Lindsay.
  7. 06.11.1906 Warburton on Hamlet; engagement of E.S.'s cousin Guy Lloyd to Mabel Marsh; health of Mabel Marsh; Blackmore's epic poems.
  8. 08.12.1906 Copy of Tauler's works; owls; night scape; poems of E.S.; old age.
  9. 27.02.1907 Work of Penn; A.D. Lindsay's edition of Grote's History of Greece; Molly White's health.
  10. 13.5.1907 Verses of E.S.; Molly White.
  11. 06.06.1907 A.D. Lindsay's edition of Plato's Republic; Plato's purpose; Renan's 'L'Antechrist', Cyril Bailey's 'Religion of ancient Rome'; R.F. Cholmeley; 'Arabian nights'.
  12. 29.06.1907 Visit of A.D. Lindsay. Postcard
  13. 02.07.1907 Personal advice to E.S.; Mrs. Gaskell's 'Moorland cottage'; Mrs. Gaskell's daughter; weather.
  14. 15.07.1907 Unidentified poem by George Eliot. Manuscript note, initialled.
  15. 22.07.1907 Verses of E.S.; thoughts while contemplating a wild red rose; visit of [Kenneth?] Leys.
  16. 08.12.1907 Gift to E.S. of William De Morgan tiles.
  17. 08.03.1908 Images from childhood; Old Testament; Scott's 'Legend of Montrose'; a story by Dorothy Horace Smith; Richardson's 'Clarissa'; household health; Captain Thomas James's 'Strange and dangerous voyage.....'
  18. 20.03.1908 W.G. Palgrave's 'Narrative of a year's journey...'; Lady Anne Blunt's 'Pilgrimage to Nejd'; C.M. Doughty's 'Wanderings in Arabia deserta'. Postcard.
  19. 09.05.1908 E.S.'s poetic ability.
  20. 22.05.1908 Verses of E.S.
  21. 24.06.1908 Gift of 'Meditations' from E.S.; visit of [Muriel ?] Milford.
  22. 26.05.1909 [Roman Catholic] Church. Fragment, in pencil, unsigned.
  23. 26.09.1909 Receipt of letter from E.S. ; E.S.'s son Michael Lindsay.
  24. 12.12.1909 Michael Lindsay; old age; failure to read C.M. Doughty's 'Travels in Arabia deserta'.
  25. 25.03.1910 Receipt of 'Iphigenia in Tauris'; poems of E.S.; R.D. Blackmore's 'Lorna Doone' Mrs. Wilfred Ward's 'Great possessions'.
  26. 01.07.1910 Not reading Meredith; Turgenev.
  27. 09.11.-12.11.1910 Attitude to the trivial; babies; exclusion from society; Robin [Milford ?].
  28. 23.11.1910 Acknowledgement of receipt of A.D. Lindsay's edition of Bishop Berkeley's 'A new theory of vision'; Michael Lindsay; a portrait of E.S.
  29. 08.03.1911 Women's Suffrage; Viola Meynell; Wilfred Scawen Blunt's review of Viola Meynell's 'Martha Vine'.
  30. 05.07.1911 E.S.'s long silence; Basil Montagu, Coleridge, Wordsworth; his rheumatism; portrait of James Bradley by Thomas Hudson.
  31. 31.07.1911 Portrait of James Bradley by Thomas Hudson; Michael Lindsay's hair; Drusilla Lindsay's hair.
  32. 05.09.1911 Poems by E.S.; belief versus disbelief; Robert Browning's recommendation of 'A lost love' by Ashford Owen (i. e. Anna C. Ogle). With envelope.
  33. 02.11.1911 Study of Hegel; Hutchinson Stirling; Heraclitus; Bergson. Scorched letter.
  34. 14.12.1911 C. M. Doughty' s 'Adam cast forth'. Postcard.
  35. 04.03.1912 Rheumatism; Dean Inge's 'Truth and falsehood in religion'; solicitude of Roman Catholic friends.
  36. 26.03.1912 Women's Suffrage; Dr. Wallace; son's departure for Chile. Letter written by Mrs. White and signed by W. Hale White.
  37. 28.04.1912 Holidaying in Ashdown Forest; J.M. Synge; reflections on friendship with E.S. From Gale, Chelwood Gate, Uckfield.
  38. 16.05.1912 Thanks for gift of borage. Postcard.
  39. 12.06.1912 Acknowledgement of unnamed book; rheumatism.
  40. 12.09.1912 Holiday lodgings in Hastings; Mrs. Dannreuther née Ionides; failing eyesight. From c/o Mrs. Dannreuther, Windy-croft, Hastings.
  41. 17.12.1912 Failing eyesight; George Meredith's 'Poems'; Francis Storr's edition of Sophocles.
  42. 29.12.1912 Acknowledgement of Christmas card.
  43. [undated] Portrait of E.S. ; Meredith's poetry.
  44. 22.05.1906 To Mrs. Francis Storr. Acknowledgement of the offer of a volume of 'Household Words'; Frank Storr's diary; son's typhoid fever. From 1 Maze Hill Terrace, St. Leonards-on-Sea.


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