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Benn Wolfe Levy Archive

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ARTS & AMENITIES (Jennie Lee) on financing projects in the arts

Correspondence 1/1

1 file ms., ts. papers. 9 letters 29.08.63-18.08.69. From Benn Levy to Jennie Lee (4), Joan ?; to Benn Levy from M.-C. Dock, Jennie Lee (2); M.D.C. Johnson to D.P. Wall.

Notes 1/2

1 file ms., ts. papers ff.3. Contains notes on grants for arts centres (by Robert Bolt) and on the cost of producing a novel.

Pamphlets 1/3

1 file printed papers. Contains: The state and the arts by Lord Bridges (Romanes Lecture 1958); Performing Rights Society, Rules 1938, Music and the people [n.d.]; Phoenix Trust, Deed 1959, Leaflet [n.d.] ; Author, winter 1962.


Sub-committee on Theatre Taxation

Correspondence 1/4

1 file ms., ts. papers. 47 letters, etc. 08.02.55-30.05.57. Includes 24 letters of Benn Levy: to Hugh Gaitskell, A.P. Herbert, Jenny Lee, J.P.W. Mallalieu and others.

Memoranda 1/5

1 file ts. papers. Contains: memoranda of the Sub-committee and of the League of Dramatists and others on entertainments duty, tax exemption, etc. ff.26.

Minutes 1/6

1 file ts. papers. Contains: minutes of meetings 1-4, 15.07.56-31.08.56, with related agenda, notices, etc. ff.10.

Notes, jottings, etc. 1/7

1 file ms., ts. papers. ff.7. By Benn Levy.

Parliamentary papers 1/8

1 file printed papers. Contains: Notices by the Commissioners of Customs and Excise [on] Entertainments Duty (no.1, no.100), and Finance Act 1946.

Report 1/9

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Report on Entertainments Duty by the Committee...1956. Ts. Pp.8; with appendix, drafts, etc. ff.15.


Theatre Censorship Reform Committee (-1959) (Arts Council Committee of Enquiry into Theatre Censorship (1965-), Joint Committee on Censorship of the Theatre (1966-)

Correspondence 1/10

1 file ms., ts. papers. 75 letters, etc. 20.02.52-06.09.67. Includes 35 letters of Benn Levy: to Noel Annan, R.A. Butler, Michael Foot, Wayland Young and others.

Minutes 1/11

1 file ms., ts. papers. Contains: minutes of meetings (7) 05.06.58-03.07.59 of Theatre Censorship Reform Committee; minutes of meetings (2) 15.07.65-02.03.66 of Arts Council Theatre Censorship Committee, and related agenda, circulars, etc.

Notes, jottings 1/12

1 file ms., ts. papers ff.15. By Benn Levy.

Opinion 1/13

1 file ts. papers. Re: Censorship of stage plays. Opinion of Lord Lloyd of Hampsted. Lewis Silkin and partners, London. 22.10.65. Photocopy, ff.9.

Parliamentary papers 1/14

1 file ts. and printed papers. Contains: A Bill to amend the law relating to the censorship of plays .. 28.01.49; A Bill to amend the law relating to the censorship of plays...01.12.49, with drafts; Report of the Joint Select Committee on the censorship of stage plays, 02.11.1909, ts. pp. 17; Report of the Joint Committee ...19.06.67. pr. pp. xxvii, 204, and related debates.

Presscuttings 1952-67 1/15

1 file printed papers ff.23. Includes 3 articles by Benn Levy, with draft.

Report 1/16

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Report on Theatre Censorship, 1965 ts. pp.9; with drafts, etc. ff.29.


Working Party on Obscenity Laws

Correspondence 2/1

1 file ms. and ts. papers. 64 letters, etc. 03.02.66-28.01.70. Includes 29 letters of Benn Levy: to Sir Dingle Foot, Lord Goodman, C.R. Hewitt, Frederic Warburg and others.

Minutes 2/2

1 file ts. papers ff.43. Contains: minutes of meetings of the Working Party (1st-7th, 24.10.68-15.04.69), of Sub-Committee A, to report on Abolition (1st-3rd, 13.11.68-01.04.69), and of Sub Committee LR, to report on Law Reform (lst-3rd, 06.11.68-25.03.69), with related agenda, etc.

Notes, drafts, jottings, etc. towards Report 2/3

1 file ms., ts. papers ff.70. By Benn Levy and some others.

Parliamentary legislation 2/4

1 file ts., printed papers. Contains: Customs Consolidation Act 1876 (extract); Theatres Act 1968 (extract); Freedom of Communications Bill amended 1968 (extract); Harmful Publications Bill 1969; Obscene Publications (Amendment) Bill 1969 and Theatres Bill 1967; and 2 related letters.

Presscuttings 2/5

1 file printed papers 1967-71. Contains: cuttings from British national and local newspapers; articles from British journals, notably Bookseller, Encounter, Freethinker, Hansard, New Society; 4 related letters; and drafts and galley proofs of Benn Levy articles.

Report by the Working Party 2/6

1 file ms., ts. papers. Includes: drafts; lists of participants; Report...May 1969, pp.18, A1-55.

Submissions to the Working Party and related papers

2 files ts., printed papers:

  1. From individual writers: D.G. Barker, A. Gooch, J.D. Halloran, R.M. Jackson, C.H. Lewes, Norbert Lynton, John Mortimer, C.H. Rolph, David Sheppard, Jean Straker, David Tribe and Keith Wedmore. 2/7
  2. From corporate bodies: National Council for Civil Liberties, P.E.N. and Society of Authors. File also includes material supplied by the Danish Embassy, and John Rich - Obscenity research: preliminary report to the YMCA Central Toronto Branch, 1970. pp.60. 2/8

Associated Papers

Extract from Ten O'clock, B.B.C. Radio 4, 15th July 1969. Discussion of the obscenity laws between Benn Levy and Peregrine Worsthorne. Ts. ff.3. 2/9

National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, Chairman Milton S. Eisenhower. Commission statement. September 23, 1969. Printed pp.12. 2/9

Study Group on Pornography, Chairman Lord Longford. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 13 letters, etc. 12.06.71-28.09.72 and related papers. Letters: From Benn Levy to J. Gillot, A. Howard, Lord Longford (2), T. Smythe, R. Wright; to Benn Levy from Lord Longford, J. Nicholson (2), T. Smythe (2); J. Nicholson to the Study Group; T. Smythe to Lord Longford. Related papers: Some questions to be considered by the group, ts. ff.2; 2 articles by Benn Levy, 1971-72. 2/10


Committee papers 3/1

1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Includes: agendas, Information statements 1-4, lists of participants, memoranda, minutes of meetings (4), 20.06.47-16.01.48, notes, reports and Summary of proceedings 5th-8th February 1948.

Correspondence 3/2

1 file ms., ts. papers. 21 letters 15.10.47-29.06.48 from Benn Levy to A. Campbell (3), H.E. Crabtree, H. Griffiths, D. Oulagi, A. Rose, E.P. Smith, Times, O. Trilling; to Benn Levy from A. Campbell (2), A.P. Cox, H.E. Crabtree, H. Griffiths, P. Henderson, D. Oulagi, A Rose, E.P. Smith, O. Trilling; O. Trillling to G. Whitworth.

Presscuttings 3/3

1 file printed papers. Contains: cuttings from The Author, Tribune, Truth, etc. Jan.-Feb. 1948. ff.5.


Annual conference 3/4

1 file ts. papers. Contains: annual reports; policy statements; proposals for a new constitution; resolutions, etc. 1959-61. ff.38.

Correspondence 3/5-6

2 files, ms., ts. papers. 176 letters, etc. 01.03.60-21.11.72. Includes 64 letters of Benn Levy: to Canon John Collins, Peggy Duff, Bertrand Russell, and others.

Minutes 3/7

1 file ts. papers. Contains: minutes of meetings: of co-ordinating Committee (3) 31.01.60-22.09.?; of Executive Committee (7) n.d.

Pamphlets (published by CND) 3/8

1 file ts., printed papers. Contains: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Bulletin, June, July, September 1960 pp.4; Danger! official secret; R.S.G.6, 1963 ff.7; The Economic case for nuclear disarmament, 1960 pp.8; Let Britain lead a Socialist defence policy, 1960 pp.12; Flowing tide, by Mervyn Jones, 1960, pp.12; Anatomy of a sacred cow, by Konni Zillacus, 1960, pp. 20.

Publicity, advertising, etc.

2 files ms., ts., printed papers

  1. General: memoranda, leaflets, questionnaires, etc., including Aldermaston march publicity. ff.18 3/9
  2. Advertising Campaign for Disarmament, 1962. Contains: loose-leaf information booklet ff.34; Nottingham Test Campaign summary report ff.20, and, second survey ff.42; Proposals for an extended press advertising campaign ff.9; Suggested procedure for the national campaign ff.2; list of subscriptions ff.2; press advertisement. 3/10

Unofficial papers

Articles, memoranda, speeches, etc. 1 file ts. papers. 3/11
Arnott, D.G. Fall-out 10.05.59
Blackett, P.M.S. Nuclear weapons and defence: comments on Kissinger, Kennan and King-Hall, April 1958. ff.37
Calder, Ritchie. Begins "The great deterrent exists..." for the Radical Reform Group, National Liberal Club 23.06.58. ff.5
Gruber, Dr. His own translation of the full text of his speech, Royal Albert Hall 25.05.59
Levy, Benn. Old lamps for old. n.d. ff.4
Simon, Lord. Motion on nuclear disarmament in the House of Lords: note 22.01.59. ff.13
Young, Wayland. Notes on Sixth International Pugwash Conference of Scientists, Moscow 27.11-04.12.60. ff.4
British Campaign Against the Bomb. n.d. ff.7
Labour Party and Trades Union Congress. Foreign policy and defence: declaration. July 1960. Pr. pp.4

Bertrand Russell. 1 file ts. papers. Relate to Bertrand Russell's resignation from presidency of C.N.D. 1960. File contains: The facts concerning Lord Russell's position in regard to the policy of the C.N.D. 19.10.60 ff.4; memo from Michael Scott to members of C.N.D. 25.10.60; statement from Earl Russell 31.10.60 ff.3; Chairman's report n.d. ff.3. 3/12

Notes, jottings, etc. 1 file ms., ts. papers ff. 18. By Benn Levy and others. 3/13

Presscuttings. 1 file printed papers. Contains 5 cuttings from British and Canadian newspapers 1958-59. 3/14


Case histories involving suspected secret police intervention

Anker case. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 6 letters 26.01.59-14.07.59. From: Sidney Anker (2), United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Stanley Mayne (3). Concerns security dispute with UKAEA. 4/1

Bailey case. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 8 letters 19.03.59-14.04.59. From: Jane H. Bailey (3), Benn Levy (4), Stanley Mayne. Concerns employment dispute with International Chemical Co. Ltd. 4/2

Bilainkin case. 1 file ts. papers. Contains: 4 signed statements 02.06.56-19.07.56 by Richard Clarke Maddock, Mrs. Edwin Lutz, Reginald Uren, and Rev. M. Berman; Affidavit of George Bilainkin 31.07.56 pp.4; Draft of a letter as "passed" by Earl Russell 07.08.56; letter of George Bilainkin. Concerns a child cruelty case. 4/3

Black case. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 5 letters 15.07.59-07.08.59. From: Benn Levy (2), Stanley Mayne (3). Concerns an immigration dispute. 4/4

Dalison case. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 11 letters 01.05.58-24.11.58. From: Stanley Mayne (9), J.E. Triay (2). Concerns an immigration dispute. 4/5

Esslemont case. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 2 letters 16.07.59, 28.07.59. From: Ian Orr-Ewing, Stanley Mayne. Concerns termination of Royal Navy Commission. 4/6

Gill case. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 2 letters 18.05.58, 25.06.58. From: Alan Gill, W.D. Griffiths. Concerns a teacher's political views. 4/7

Lang case. 1 file ms., ts. papers. Contains 10 letters 08.06.56-23.03.57. From: R.A. Banks, Mona Bicknell, Sir Harold Kent, J.H.A. Lang (4), Benn Levy (3); J.H.A. Lang Claim against the crown 1956 ts. ff.3; Statement of representations by Mr. J.H.A. Lang 14.02.56 ts. ff.6; Extract from Hansard 14.03.57. Concerns Civil Service security. 4/8

Rogerson case. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 22 letters 08.06.51-14.07.59. From: De Havilland Propellors Ltd. (3), W.D. Griffiths (3), Aubrey Jones (2), Benn Levy (3), Stanley Mayne (8), A.M. Rogerson (2), R.J. Silverthorne. Concerns security dispute with De Havilland Propellors. 4/9

Schafer case. 1 file ms., ts. papers. Contains 3 letters 26.04.59-13.05.59. From: Benn Levy, Stanley Mayne, A. Schafer. Concerns dismissal from B.B.C. 4/10

Conference 18.07.56 4/11

1 file ms., ts. papers. Contains: agenda, circulars, membership lists, etc. ff.12; promotional note by Kingsley Martin ff.2.

Correspondence 4/12-15

4 files ms., ts. Papers. Contain 420 letters, etc. 08.03.56-19.05.70 concerning the business of the Campaign (administration, invitations to notables to join the committee, propaganda, Security White paper 1956 etc.) and reactions of persons and bodies to campaign policies and proposals: letters of Benn Levy (196) Chairman, and Stanley Mayne (72) Secretary. Other letter writers include Aneurin Bevan, Fenner Brockway (2), Jacob Bronowski, Lord David Cecil, Canon Collins, Tom Driberg (2), Michael Foot, John Freeman, Gerald Gardiner (2), John Gielgud, Graham Greene, Anthony Greenwood (4), W.D. Griffiths (9), Mervyn Jones, Kingsley Martin (3), Sir Laurence Olivier, Bertrand Russell (2), Roy Shaw (6), Sydney Silverman (2), Graham Sutherland, Sybil Thorndike, and Solly Zuckerman.

There is no separate list for this correspondence, but all details are recorded in the index to correpondence.

Memoranda 4/16

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Memorandum for the Committee of Inquiry into the interception of communications 17.07.56 pp.3, with draft, etc. ff.3; Note of a meeting between Mr. Benn Levy, Mr. Will Griffiths and Stanley Mayne 18.06.58; Notes on the secret police problem by Benn Levy pp.3, with drafts ff.4; Telephone tapping committee ff.3, etc.

Minutes 4/17

1 file ms., ts. papers ff.20. Contains: Minutes of meetings of the full committee (4) 28.06.56-31.07.56; Minutes of meetings of the sponsoring committee (2) 29.01.57, 25.6.57; Minutes of the meeting of the executive committee 31.07.57; Minutes of a meeting of the officers 02.07.68; Note of meeting held in Interview Room J, House of Commons 21.06.56, chairman Benn Levy.

Notes, jottings, etc. 4/18

1 file ms., ts. papers ff.28. By Benn Levy.

Pamphlets and leaflets issued by the Campaign 4/19

1 file printed papers. Contains: Campaign for the limitation of secret police powers (leaflet); The secret police and you (page proofs) ff.24; A year with the secret police pp.24, with typescript of Benn Levy's foreword ff.4.

Parliamentary papers 4/20

1 file printed papers. Contains: Statement on the findings of the Conference of Privy Councillors on Security, Cmd. 9715, 1956 pp.6; Report of the Committee of Privy Councillors appointed to inquire into the interception of communications, Cmnd. 283, 1957 pp.44; notices (3); extracts from Hansard.

Presscuttings, journal articles, reviews, etc. 4/21

1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains: 11 cuttings mainly from The Times 1956-57, and Fact Dec. 1956; Masses & Mainstream Oct. 1953; Plan for Freedom & Progress Nov. 1956; Twentieth Century Apr. 1962, containing Benn Levy's The price of freedom, with ts. draft ff. 17, etc.

Sponsor list 4/22

1 file ts. papers ff.9.

Related papers of other bodies

2 files ms., ts. and printed papers

  1. Labour Party Home Policy Sub-Committee. Contains: 18 letters 17.07.56-02.10.57 from: Canon Collins, R.H.S. Crossman, David Ginsberg (3), James Griffiths, Benn Levy (10), Peter Shore, Sir Frank Soskice; membership list; Memorandum by R.H.S. Crossman [on] Security regulations and personal freedom RE 144/March 1957; Note on Mr. Crossman's memorandum RE 158/May 1957 ff.2; Extract from minutes of the Committee 15.07.57; Proposed redraft of 'Personal freedom' RE 192/Aug. 1957; Note on public security RE 193/Aug. 1957 ff.2; etc. 4/23
  2. Other bodies. Contains papers and pamphlets of: Institution of Professional Civil Servants, Iraqi Students Society in the United Kingdom, London Co-operative Society Political Committee, National Paul Robeson Committee, Society of Labour Lawyers, & Union of Democratic Control. 4/24

CAUSES (miscellaneous)

Cases in law, politics, etc. of concern to BWL

Assorted papers 5/1

1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. File includes correspondence, leaflets, brochures, etc. 1956-68 relating to: Anti-Apartheid Movement, Authors' World Peace Appeal, C.H. Rolph case 1959, Council for Freedom in Portugal and colonies, Djamila Bouhired case 1957-58, Fenner Brockway 80th birthday fund, Geneva Reception and Information Centre for Deputations to Conferences concerned with Disarmament, Homosexual Law Reform Society, Kenya Drama Festival, National Secular Society, Non-Violent Action in Vietnam, Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, & Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.


Correspondence 5/2

1 file ms., ts. papers. 90 letters, etc. 08.09.48-25.11.49. Includes 34 letters of Benn Levy: to Aneurin Bevan, James Bridie, R.H.S. Crossman, Gerald Gardiner, E.P. Smith and others.

Parliamentary papers 5/3

1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains: A Bill to amend the law 28.01.49; related drafts, memoranda and notes; and published reports of Debates and Votes.

Presscuttings, etc. 5/4

1 file printed papers 1938-1949. Includes: issues of The Author (summer 1938), Civil Liberty (Apr/May 1949), Theatre Industry (April 1949); and loose cuttings from Daily Worker, Evening Standard, Times, etc.


Correspondence 5/5

1 file ms., ts. papers. 57 letters etc. 28.10.47-16.12.48. Includes 15 letters of Benn Levy: to Michael Balcon, George Elvin, Morgan Phillips and others.

Notes, jottings 5/6

1 file ms., ts. papers ff.13. By Benn Levy and some others.

Parliamentary papers 5/7

1 file ts., printed papers. Contains: Eighth report of the Cinematograph Films Council, 1946, pp.6; Cinematograph Film Production (special loans) Bill 1948, pp.8; Memorandum of Agreement between H.M. Government and the motion picture industry of the U.S.A., Cmd. 7421, 1948, pp.8; Report of the Committee on the British Film Institute, Cmd. 7361, 1948 pp.14; Report of the Film Studio Committee, 1948, pp.18; House of Commons Library, Bibliography no.40, The British film industry ts. ff.5.

Presscuttings, etc. 5/8

1 file printed papers. Contains 12 cuttings mainly from British film journals 1946-48 and Fabian Quarterly no.51, September 1946.

Submissions, statements, etc. 5/9

1 file ts., printed papers. Contains:
Association of British Independent Film Producers Memorandum: Cinematograph Film Production (special loans) Bill 24.11.48. Ts. ff.4.
Association of Cinematograph and Allied Technicians Comments on the Cinematograph Films Bill 06.01.48. Ts. ff.2, ff.3. Notes in connection with ACT comments. Ts. ff.8
Association of Specialised Film Producers and Federation of Documentary Film Units Cinematograph Films Bill, 12.01.48. Ts. ff.3
British Film Producers Association. Cinematograph Films Bill, committee stage, 02.02.48. Ts. ff.4. Notes on the Cinematograph Films Bill. 1947. Ts. ff.6
Cinematograph Exhibitors Association. American film agreement. Ts. ff.3. Cinematograph Films Bill. Ts. ff.3
Film Industry Employees' Council. The third cinematograph films Act: memorandum to the President of the Board of Trade, January 1947. pp.8. Press statement 10.11.48. Ts. ff.2
Industrial Research Group of F.H. Bentley. Facts about the British film industry. Ts. ff.8
John Baxter Productions Ltd. Policy and programme. pp.5-20
London Labour Party. Report on the use of films in party education and propaganda, by R.J. McCullagh. Ts. ff.2
Memorandum for film panel. Ts. ff.2
Present state of the film industry: facts and figures. Ts. ff.2
Brunel, A. A personal note on British film production. Ts. ff.21
Elvin, G. The new Films Bill. Ts. ff.3
Wilson, H. Policy for British films: speech to AGM of ACT. 04.04.48. pp.12.


Papers of organisations opposing Britain's entry to the EEC including documents of the Anti-Common Market League, Common Market Safeguards Campaign, Keep Britain Out Campaign, National Common Market Petition Council, etc.

Articles, off-prints, etc. 6/1

1 file printed papers. Contains: 22 articles and off-prints Sept. 1960-Apr. 1971

Correspondence 6/2

1 file ms., ts. papers. 56 letters, etc. 19.04.66-10.01.73. Includes 23 letters of Benn Levy: to Douglas Jay, Neil Marten, William Rees-Mogg and others.

Newsletters 6/3

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Anti-Common Market League Newsletters (14) May 1967-March 1973; Common Market Safeguards Campaign Bulletin 1-3, 7 April 1970-Feb. 1972, and Talking Points no. 1 June 1970.

Notes, jottings, drafts, etc. 6/4

1 file ms., ts. papers ff.11. Includes: The anxious hour: self-government or Common Market 21.03.66. Ts. ff.3, with ms. and ts. drafts. By Benn Levy.

Pamphlets 6/5

1 file photocopied papers. Contains: title pages of 8 pamphlets 1962-71, transferred to Documents Section.

Presscuttings 6/6

1 file printed papers. Contains: 9 cuttings from British national newspapers 1961-72.

Publicity leaflets 6/7

1 file printed papers. Contains handbills and leaflets on prices, sovereignty, etc. 1969-72. ff.15.


Correspondence 6/8

1 file ms., ts. papers. 18 letters, etc. 18.06.52-03.07.53: from Fenner Brockway (4), Arthur Carr (7), Mary Klopper, Benn Levy (6).

Executive Committee papers 6/9

1 file ts. papers. Contains: agenda, list of supporters, memorandum, news-sheet, notices, petition, press statements, reports, etc. ff.80.


Correspondence 6/10

1 file ms., ts. papers. 33 letters, etc. 03.02.70-15.05.73. Includes 14 letters of Benn Levy: to Marion Boyars, John Calder, Alister Hetherington and others.

Minutes, etc. 6/11

1 file ts., printed papers. Contains: minutes of meetings (21) 17.03.70-11.09.73 with related agenda, reports, etc. ff.53.

Newsletter: Cosmo 6/12

1 file printed papers. Contains Cosmo: newsletter of DLAS, nos. 1-4, March 1971-February 1973; and subscription leaflet.

Related papers 6/13

1 file ms. and ts. papers ff.8. Contains: NCCL and DLAS "Little red school book" appeal; Statement of witness Cyril Alfred Pyle, Headmaster of South East London School re Oz magazine Ts. ff.2; Copy of statement of witness Robert Richardson, Headmaster, William Penn School re Oz magazine; Meeting with film censor; etc.


Correspondence 6/14

1 file ms., ts. papers. 31 letters 20.03.58-17.4.61 principally between Benn Levy and the Committee Officers, Pat Arrowsmith and April Carter about the Aldermaston Campaign, lobby of parliament, Geneva Committee, demonstrations, finance, speeches, etc.

Minutes, accounts 6/15

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Minutes of Direct Action Conference 28.02.60 ff.4; Minutes of the Executive Committee 30.06.60 ff.2; Receipts and Payments Account statements 1958-59 ff.3.

News sheets 6/16

1 file ts. papers. Contains: news sheets, briefing notes, etc. 28.08.58-06.05.60 ff.33.


1 file ts. papers ff.12 6/17. Contains: A.G.M. report 1959; circular letter 02.07.58; constitution; EASA Bulletins 1-2, August, October 1959; and memorandum on the third television network.


Addresses, sermons, speeches 6/18

1 file ts. papers, bound together. Contains: Steps towards peace: opening address by Bertrand Russell 17.01.59 pp.4; European charter, proposed by Dr. Robert Jungk 17.01.59 pp.2; The Pugwash movement, by Professor J. Rotblat pp.9; Proposal for the setting up of a European Committee against Nuclear Arms, by Hans Werner Richter pp.3; Let's be our age: proposals from Robert Jungk for a programme of mass education p.1 ; Proposals from Benn Levy p.1; Sermon preached in St. Paul's Cathedral by Canon L. John Collins 18.01.59 pp.5; Report by James Cameron on final session p.1.


Miscellaneous papers

3 files ms., ts. and printed papers

  1. Central London Fabian Society Weekend Conference Nov. 14-15, 1953: Benn Levy paper, unentitled ts. ff.20; leaflets (2); etc. 7/1
  2. George Bernard Shaw Memorial: 6 letters 19.01.51-18.06.53 between Donald Chapman (4) and Benn Levy (2). 7/2
  3. Theatre Tax: 4 letters 10.04.57-09.02.59 from Richard Findlater (2), Benn Levy, and W.T. Rogers; article by Richard Findlater ts. ff.5. 7/3


Group studying the future of broadcasting

Correspondence 7/4

1 file ms., ts. papers. 4 letters 01.17.49-18.10.49. From: Donald Chapman, Benn Levy, Maurice Gorham, & G.P.O. Overseas Telecommunications Dept.

Memoranda 7/5

1 file ts. papers ff.21. Contains: memoranda BBC (49), 1, 3, 5-9, on Broadcasting and television: alternatives to the present monopoly, BBC publications, Staff relations in the BBC, etc.

Minutes, agendas 7/6

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Minutes of meetings 1-6, 21.07.49-27.10.49 ff.6, & agendas for meetings 1-3, 5 ff.4.

Report 7/7

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Report of a group studying the future of broadcasting, Nov. 1949. Ts. pp.21; Fabian evidence to the Broadcasting Committee. Ts. pp. 17.

FASCISM: Cases in post-war Britain of interest to BWL

Correspondence 7/8

1 file ts. papers. 5 letters 10.01.46-13.06.47. From: Benn Levy (2), N.C.C.L., and unidentified writer.

Pamphlets, leaflets, etc. 7/9

1 file photocopied papers. Contains: Title-pages of 6 pamphlets 1947-48, transferred to Documents Section.

Parliamentary papers 7/10

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Draft Bill prepared by Haldane Society ff.4, with amendments ff.3; House of Commons Library Bibliography no.39 on Community libel.

Presscuttings, etc. 7/11

1 file printed papers. Contains: 6 cuttings from British newspapers and journals 1946, and single issues of Civil Liberty on Guard and Wiener Library Bulletin 1946-47.

Survey of open-air meetings held by pro-fascist organisations 7/12

April-October 1947. Ts. ff.33.


Papers 7/13

1 file ts., printed papers. Contains: circular letter; Political intervention questionnaire.


Constituency parties

Eton & Slough. 1 file ts., printed papers. Contains 3 letters 14.03.66-27.03.66 from Joan Lestor, Benn Levy and Peggy Solomon, and election leaflet 1966. Concern Joan Lestor's parliamentary candidature. 7/14

Hampstead. 1 file ts. papers. Contains 1 letter 06.11.56 from Hampstead Labour Party Secretary to Benn Levy about arrangements for meetings, speeches etc. by Benn Levy and others. 7/15

Ruislip-Northwood. 1 file ts., printed papers. Contains 2 letters 05.03.66, 26.03.66 from Peter Smith, and 2 election leaflets, 1966. Concern Peter Smith's parliamentary candidature.7/16

'Leisure for living' group 7/17

1 file ts. papers. Contains: 2 letters 02.08.63, 26.03.64 from Peter Shore; memorandum RD 748/March 1974 The quality of living pp.9.

Recreation and Leisure Working Party

Correspondence. 1 file ts. papers. 19 letters 18.03.59-?.07.59 from Joan Bourne (6), Anthony Greenwood (2), Benn Levy (10), Kenneth Tynan. 7/18

Policy Statement. 1 file ms., ts. papers. Includes: Policy statement on recreation and leisure ts. ff.14, with background notes, drafts, jottings etc. ff.43. 7/19


Films Sub-Committee, Trade and Industry Group

Working Party. Papers

Correspondence. 1 file ms., ts. papers. 65 letters 04.09.45-20.11.47. Includes 24 letters of Benn Levy: to Sir Stafford Cripps, George Elvin, Christopher Mann and others. 7/20

Discussion papers, information sheets, etc. 2 files ms., ts. papers
1. Corporate: Cine-technicians: Film Producers Guild. Ts. Draft of plan for the film industry. Ts. ff.2. 7/21
Film Industry Employees' Council Press statement 25.10.47. Ts.
Government information services and the documentary film companies 02.08.47. Ts. ff.8
If you were running a business... Ts. ff.4
J. Arthur Rank Organisation Britain's biggest ever film production programme 01.11.47. Pr. pp. 8.
Minutes of the meeting of representatives of joint works committees from thirteen studios 18.10.47. Ts. ff.5.
Notes for discussion by Films Sub-Committee. Ts. ff.10.
Pinewood A.C.T. committee Memorandum 19.09.47. Ts. ff.2.
Translation from an article in the Swiss newspaper Basler Nachrichten 29.08.47. The world is rich. Ts. ff.2.
2. Personal: 7/22
Ambrose, E. Challenge to film makers. Ts. ff.8.
Boulting, J. & R. A brief survey of the British film industry today...December 1945. Ts. ff.9.
Hyman, S. A plan for the British film industry. Ts. ff.22.
Levy, B.W. Films & dollars. Ts. ff.4.
Sheridan, L. British film producers and the Quota Act. Ts. ff.3.

Notes, lists, jottings. 1 file ms., ts. papers ff.23. By Benn Levy and Others. 7/23

Pamphlets, etc. 1 file printed papers. 7/24
Association of Specialised Film Producers and Federation of Documentary Film Units. Films and the public, November 1947. pp.8.
Film Industry Employees' Council. Third Cinematograph Films Act: memorandum to the President of the Board of Trade, January 1947 pp.10.
People's Entertainment Society Ltd. and People's Plays Ltd. Annual report and balance sheet, year ended December 1, 1945. pp.12.
Cripps, Sir S. Address given to the Association of Specialised Film Producers, 02.10.47. pp.4.
Minney, R.J. Talking of films, 1947. pp.82.

Parliamentary papers. 1 file ts., printed papers. Contains: Parliamentary question 35655, Mr. Levy to the President of the Board of Trade 06.12.45 Ts. ff.2; Statutory rules and orders 1947, nos. 1690, 1694, 2291; Tendencies to monopoly in the cinematograph film industry: report of a committee appointed by the Cinematograph Films Council, 1944. Pr. pp.42. 7/25

Presscuttings, etc. 1 file printed papers ff.39. Contains: cuttings mainly from British national papers and film journals 1946-47; Cine-technician no. 60, May/June 1946; Hollywood Reporter 16.07.47. 7/26

Report. 1 file ms., ts. papers. Contains: Proposals for improvement in the British film industry: report of Films Sub-Committee 29.11.46. Ts. pp.6 with related drafts Ts. ff. 12. 7/27

LEAGUE OF BRITISH DRAMATISTS COMMITTEE (and incorporating) Incorporated Society of Authors, Playwrights & Composers Drama Committee

Constitutional papers 8/1

1 file ts., printed papers c.1931-32. ff.23.

Correspondence 8/2

1 file ms., ts. papers. 39 letters 05.07.29-15.08.40. Includes 14 letters of Benn Levy: to Noel Coward, D. Kilham Roberts, Frederick Lonsdale and others.

Memoranda, etc. of the committee 8/3

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Talking picture versions of stage plays, 02.07.29 ff.2; Statutes of the "cartel" of societies of dramatic authors: the comprising bodies, 18.03.31 ff.6; Memorandum on entertainments duty and the "living theatre", 09.07.40 ff.2; Appendix comprising text of a letter to be sent to American Dramatists' Guild, n.d. ff.4; The American minimum basic agreement: some observations, n.d. ff.8.

Pamphlets 8/4

1 file printed papers. Contains: The minimum basic agreement approved by the Dramatists Guild of the Authors' League of America, supplement to The Author, July 1926, pp.16; Entertainment tax on the living theatre, by The Stage & Allied Arts League, March 1939, pp.10.


Radio and Television Safeguards Committee

Agreements, contracts, etc. 8/5

1 file ts, printed papers. Contains: agreements, contracts and draft contracts (6), 1955-56, drawn up by Television Writers Council, Television Programme Contractors, and British Actors' Equity concerning conditions for use of material on radio and television, remuneration of writers, etc. File also includes Opinion of J.C. Leonard, Field Roscoe & Co., London, on television contracts for Society of Authors, 20.12.55, ts. ff.5; The Author, autumn 1953; notes about agreements ff.9.

Correspondence 8/6

1 file ms., ts. papers. 72 letters, etc. 13.06.55-23.01.61. Includes 20 letters of Benn Levy: to Sir Robert Fraser, Hardie Ratcliffe, Francis Williams and others.

Memoranda submitted to the Committee 8/7

1 file ts. papers. Contains:
Association of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians Interim policy report: the third television channel, 14.01.59 pp.5 Television films classified as British: A.C.T.T. comments, 24.01.57.
British Actors' Equity Association. To the fourteen organisations concerned with commercial television, 19.09.55, pp.4. The third television network, 30.06.58 pp.5
British Screen and Television Writers Association. Memorandum for Radio and Television Safeguards Committee ff.5
Independent television programmes, London, November 2-8. ff.7.
Society of Authors. Memorandum to the chairman of the Radio and Television Safeguards Committee, 08.08.58
Songwriters Guild. Confidential memorandum, 04.09.58. ff.2
Television Writers' Council. Memorandum, 15.08.55. ff.2, with drafts, etc.
Tabori, Paul.. Twenty nine months of frustration. ff.6. A week of commercial television "predominantly British in character". ff.2.

File also includes copies of related correspondence, 1956, between Gordon Sandison, Secretary of the Committee and: Hugh Carleton Green, Director of Administration, BBC (5 letters); and Sir Robert Fraser, Director General, I.T.V. (4 letters).

Minutes, etc. of Radio and Television Safeguards Committee 8/8

1 file ts. papers. Contains: minutes of meetings (16) 25.01.56-28.07.60 with agendas and announcements.

Minutes of related committees 8/9

1 file ts. papers. Contains: minutes of meetings between the Labour Relations Committee of the Programme Contractors' Association and the Television Writers' Council (7) 03.05.55-25.03.57.

Notes, etc. 8/10

1 file ms., ts. and printed papers ff.5. By Benn Levy and others. Includes presscutting from Times 10.04.57.


Correspondence 8/11

1 file ms., ts. papers. 38 letters 1954-14.02.67: from Rosalynde Ainslie, Tony Benn (2), Fenner Brockway (7), John Erber, Hugh Garside, I.W.P. Hale, Declan Hobson (2), Jennie Lee (2), Alan Lennox-Boyd, Benn Levy (14), Douglas Rogers (2), Patricia Rushton (3), Monica Whately.

Pamphlets 8/12

1 file ms., ts., printed papers. Contains: Facts about South Africa, by O. Caldecott, pp.4; Dominion status for Central Africa? by Kenneth Kaunda pp.18.

Reports, etc. 8/13

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Chairman's report February-May 1957; Conference report 30.01.55 ff.2; Minutes of meetings (2); Policy statement to Annual Conference Dec. 1956 ff.2; publicity leaflets etc.


Annual General Meetings 1958-63 9/1

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Agenda, decisions, membership, motions, reports, etc. ff.24.

Correspondence 9/2

1 file ms., ts. papers. 54 letters, etc. 5.7.50-8.10.63. Includes 18 letters of Benn Levy: to Sidney Bernstein, Martin Ennals, Victor Gollancz and others.

Memoranda, etc. 9/3

1 file ts. and printed papers 1957-60. Contains memoranda, notes, reports, statements etc. of the NCCL on: censorship of posters, Mental Health Bill 1959, Nigerian constitution, passports, payment of wages by cheque, race relations, rights of youth, Street Offences Act 1958, etc. ff.33.

Minutes of Executive Committee 9/4

1 file ts. papers. Contains minutes of meetings (15) 13.05.58-10.05.60 with 3 agenda. ff.32.

Pamphlets of related organisations 9/5

1 file ts. and printed papers. Contains pamphlets, etc. of American Civil Liberties Union, International League for the Right of Man, and Union of Democratic Control.


People for the people: radical ideas and personalities in British history edited by David Rubinstein. 1973

Correspondence 9/8

1 file ms. and ts. papers. 7 letters 14.09.71-23.03.73 From: Anthony Howard, Benn Levy (2), David Rubinstein (3), Elizabeth Thomas.

Presscuttings, etc. 9/9

1 file printed papers. Contains: cuttings from Tribune 21.02.60-29.05.70 ff.23; proofs of Tribune article on Skidelsky ff.6, etc. Benn Levy contributed an essay "Looking backwards and forwards: the Labour government of 1945".


Correspondence 9/10

1 file ms., ts. papers. 18 letters etc. 14.09.59-16.05.60 from Gerald Gardiner, Mervyn Jones (jointly with Wayland Young and Doris Lessing), Arthur Koestler, Marghanita Laski, Benn Levy (8), Bertrand Russell, Philip Toynbee, Angus Wilson, & Elizabeth Young (2).

Statement 9/11

1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains: For Tibor Dery ... 1959 pp.46; and drafts, notes etc. relating to the statement ff.7. Concerns the imprisonment of Hungarian writers in 1958.


Articles, etc. by Benn Levy 9/12

1 file ts., printed papers. Contains: Old thoughts for new thinkers 16.03.56, with ts. draft ff.7; An open letter to Hugh Gaitskell, June 1956 ts. draft ff.5; A fourth estate? 29.03.63, with ms. and ts. drafts ff.4; Six months' hard labour 16.04.65; How Socialist was the 1945 Labour government? 31.03.73, with ts. draft ff.8; related newscuttings (4) from Manchester Guardian, Times, etc. 1955.

Correspondence 9/13

1 file ms., ts. papers. 9 letters 14.02.56-30.03.63 between Benn Levy and editors of Tribune, Richard Clements and Michael Foot about B.L. contributions to Tribune. File also includes exchange of letters between Hugh Gaitskell and Benn Levy.


Correspondence 9/14

1 file ms., ts. papers. 36 letters, etc. 26.10.51-21.06.52. Includes 17 letters of Benn Levy: to Vittore Branca, Henri Hell, Jaime Torres Bodet and others.

Pre-conference papers 9/15

1 file ms., ts. papers. Contains: agenda, draft programme, draft rules of procedure, membership list, notes, resolutions, speech by Jaime Torres Bodet, etc. ff.31.

Proceedings 9/16

1 file printed papers. Contains: agenda, papers read, etc.: ART/1, 2, 4-14; ART/DOC 1, 3; ART/COM/1-6. ff.44. Includes papers by Alessandro Blasetti, Marc Connelly, Lucio Costa, Arthur Honegger, Henry Moore, Taha Hussein Pasha, Georges Rouault, Giuseppe Ungarett, and Jacques Villon.

Reports 9/17

1 file ts., printed papers Contains: final report of meeting of 05-07.12.51 pp.21 ; final report of meeting 25-27 June 1952 ts. pp.12; Benn Levy's report following the Venice conference ts. pp.6.


1 file ts. printed papers. Contains: Programme of conference "The Theatre and the People" pp.4; People's theatre: the story of Unity Theatre pp.12; Souvenir programme of "All god's chillun got wings" 1946 pp.8; Here is drama, by Benn Levy ts. ff.2; etc. 9/18


1 file ms., printed papers. Contains: brief notes of Benn Levy ff.6; presscuttings from New Statesman, Sunday Times, Times 07.03.63-08.05.63 ff.6; Report of the tribunal appointed to inquire into the Vassall Case and related matters, April 1963. Cmnd. 2009. 9/19


Correspondence 9/20

1 file ts. papers. 7 letters 31.07.58-13.12.60 from: Frank Allaun, Benn Levy (4), Jo Richardson, Gerald Southgate.

Memoranda, notes 9/21

1 file ts. papers. Contains papers (3) on the economy, education, and nuclear disarmament. ff.40.


1 file ms., ts. papers 9/22. 20 letters 23.11.53-27.03.57. From W.E. William, Secretary General, Arts Council of Great Britain to Sir George Barnes (2), Alfred Francis (3), Sir lan Jacob (2), Benn Levy, Patricia Strauss (2), Woodrow Wyatt (2). To W.E. Williams from Sir George Barnes, Alfred Francis (2), Hamish Hamilton, Sir Ian Jacob (2), Patricia Strauss, Woodrow Wyatt.

Summary of conclusions of meeting held on 10.11.53 on lapsed copyright, ts. ff.3.

WRITINGS of Benn Levy

Articles, essays, etc. in draft 10/1

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Cause for alarm ff.5. (submitted to New Statesman 08.02.7-; The double image ff.8; London diary ff.2; On writing and sardines ff.7; What is a Liberal? ff.5 (submitted to New Statesman 21.08.72).

Articles, etc.: published versions 10/2

2 files printed papers. Contains: New Statesman and Nation (9 issues) 15.03.47-27.10.56 and New Statesman 31.10.59; mounted miscellaneous presscuttings from British newspapers and journals 1945-72 ff.27. Benn Levy articles, book reviews, theatre criticism, verse, etc.

Broadcast scripts 10/4

1 file ts. papers. Contains: 'I have chosen Charles Bovary ..' 16.08.59 ff.21; On fear and freedom n.d. ff.4; The theatre in Britain 03.02.49 ff.4.

Lectures, speeches 10/5

1 file ts. papers. Contains: Anatomy of the theatre: (4) Shute lectures, University of Liverpool n.d. ff.82 (File also includes Shute lectures of W.E. Williams: Economic and social aspects of the theatre, 1953, ff.26); Education: what do we want?, W.E.A. lecture Jan. 1955 ff.19; "Which do we want - a permissive society..." University of Liverpool 04.12.70 ff.6; extract from Hansard 22.08.45: Benn Levy's maiden speech ff.3.

Letters to the press 10/6

1 file ms., ts. papers. Contains: letters mainly to New Statesman, Sunday Times, and Times on freedom of the press, pacifism, politics, theatre, etc. with related correspondence to editors. 1962-71. ff.25.

Notes for speeches, lectures, etc. 10/7

1 file ms., ts. papers 1949-56. Contains notes, jottings, etc. by Benn Levy and others on: Israeli military strategy, Labour Party, theatre, etc. ff.45.

Reviews 10/8

1 file ms., ts. papers. Contains book and theatre reviews by Benn Levy: Art and pornography by Morse Peckham Dec. 1969 ff. 10; The story of O by Pauline Reage Jan. 1970; Lock up your daughters, Mermaid Theatre ff.4; A traditional dramatist looks at Hair ff. 5. File includes related correspondence with publishers.

Verse 10/9

1 file ts. papers. Contains "Aneurin" with 1 letter 26.10.72 from Benn Levy to Jennie Lee.


ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN: Sub-committee on Theatre Taxation. Correspondence

Letters, etc. from Benn Levy (24) to:

CLARK, Sir Kenneth 08.02.55

COLLINS, Horace (2) 03.05.57, 08.05.57

FERRY, Anthony 27.04.56

FINDLATER, Richard 28.03.56

GAITSKELL, Hugh 26.03.56

GORDON-WALKER, Patrick (2) 22.05.56, 25.05.56

GRIBBLE, Dorothy R. 28.02.57

HERBERT, A.P. 09.05.56

HODGKINSON, J.L. 28.07.56

JENKINS, Hugh 19.12.56

LEE, Jenny 26.03.56

MALLALIEU, J.P.W.(2) 25.05.56, 11.06.56


STROSS, Barnet (3) 11.07.55-26.05.56

WILLIAMS, Sir W.E.(4) 24.02.55-18.05.56

[ ] ?.06.56

Letters, etc. to Benn Levy (21) from:

BARBER, Elizabeth 10.05.56

CLARK, Sir Kenneth 11.02.55

COLLINS, Horace (3) 27.04.57-09.05.57

FERRY, Anthony 20.04.56

FINDLATER, Richard 19.04.56

GAITSKELL, Hugh 27.03.56

GORDON-WALKER, Patrick 23.05.56

GRIBBLE, Dorothy R. 26.02.57

HERBERT, A.P. 08.05.56

JENKINS, Hugh 13.12.56

McROBERT, M.J. 19.11.56

MALLALIEU, J.P.W. 31.05.56

STRAUSS, Russell 10.04.56

WILLIAMS, Sir W.E. (6) 23.02.55-30.05.57

Letters (2) from:

HERBERT, A.P. to Elizabeth Barber 08.05.56

McROBERT, M.J. to A.W. Taylor 21.11.56

ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN: Theatre Censorship Reform Committee. Correspondence

Letters, etc. from Benn Levy (35) to:

ALBERY, Sir Bronson 07.06.55

ANNAN, Noel (2) 06.01.66, 07.01.66

BARRY, Sir Gerald 15.01.59

BUTLER, R.A. 23.04.58

CARR, R.K. 07.06.55

DUNCAN, Ronald (3) 27.01.58-19.05.58

FALK, Eric 03.02.59

FINDLATER, Richard 30.08.66

FOOT, Dingle (2) 25.01.67, 01.02.67

FOOT, Michael 06.02.67

GOETZ, Ruth 13.01.67

HAREWOOD, Lord 13.05.58

HEWITT, C.R. 21.05.58

HODGEKINSON, Joseph (2) 15.01.65, 06.09.67

JOINT Select Committee on Censorship 18.10.66

KARNEY, Robyn 20.10.66

LINKLATER, N.V. 29.09.66

PEARSON, Felix 23.05.58

SMITH, E.P. (2) 16.05.58, 02.03.59

STRAUSS, G.R. (2) 25.01.67, 02.02.67

WILLATT, Hugh (2) 09.05.66, 08.12.66

WOOTTEN, Julia 02.12.66

YOUNG, Wayland (5) 02.10.58-29.06.59

Letters, etc. to Benn Levy (39) from:

ANNAN, Noel (3) 30.12.65-23.02.66

BUTLER, R.A. 30.04.58

CARR, R.K. (3) 08.06.55-19.08.57

DUNCAN, Ronald 17.05.58

FALK, Eric 11.02.59

FINDLATER, Richard 26.08.66

FOOT, Michael 08.01.67

GOETZ, Ruth 18.01.67

HEWITT, C.R. 20.05.58

HODGEKINSON, Joseph (2) 14.01.65, 30.08.67

JOINT Select Committee on Censorship (2) 19.10.66, 06.02.67

KARNEY, Robyn 26.09.66

LINKLATER, N.V. (2) 04.10.66-13.10.66

MANKOWITZ, Wolf 21.05.58

PEARSON, Felix (4) 21.05.58-08.03.59

SMITH, E.P. (2) 15.05.58-27.07.59

WALKER, Roy (2) 20.02.52, 25.02.52

WILLATT, Hugh 06.05.66

WOOTTEN, Julia 28.11.66

YOUNG, Wayland (8) 06.06.58-24.06.59

Letter from:

LEAGUE of Dramatists to Joint Committee on Censorship 19.12.66

ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN: Working Party on Obscenity Laws. Correspondence

Letters from Benn Levy (29) to:

BOYAR, Mrs. 19.06.69

CAMPBELL, Patrick 25.07.69


FOOT, Sir Dingle 21.04.69

GOODMAN, Arnold, baron Goodman 17.07.69

HEWITT, C.R. (6) 13.03.69-18.08.69

JENKINS, Mrs. F.L. 01.05.69

JOHNSON, Paul 25.07.69

MONTGOMERIE, John (8) 21.04.69-29.01.70

MORLAND, Dorothy 20.08.69

OSBORNE, Charles 16.07.69

TIMES (2) 17.07.69, 02.11.70

WARBURG, Frederic 07.07.70

WEISSBERGER, L. Arnold 26.11.70

WHITE, Eric W. (2) 14.07.70, 23.11.70

Letters to Benn Levy (28) from:

BIRTLES, William ?.07.69

CAMPBELL, Patrick 21.07.69

HEALING, Bryan 02.09.70

HEWITT, C.R. (5) 08.03.69-28.11.70

JENKINS, Mrs. F.L. 21.02.69

LEAGUE of Dramatists 14.08.68

MONTGOMERIE, John (5) 22.04.69-02.02.70

MOREY, C.J. 09.03.70

MORLAND, Dorothy (2) 13.08.69, 21.08.69

OSBORNE, Charles 17.07.69

RODERICK, G.W. of University of Liverpool 21.10.70

SARGANT, Tom 03.02.66

STRAKER, Jean 14.06.68

WARBURG, Frederic (2) 29.06.70, 15.07.70

WEISSBERGER, L. Arnold 16.11.70

WHITE, Eric W. (3) 01.07.70-16.11.70

Letters (7) from:

BURKE, Edmund to Hugh Willatt (2) 18.08.69, 23.08.69

GOODMAN, Arnold, baron Goodman to Jean Straker 13.06.68

JENKINS, Mrs. F.L. to John Montgomerie 09.05.69

MONTGOMERIE, John to Mrs. F.L. Jenkins 03.12.68

WHITE, Eric W. to Edmund Burke 05.09.69

WILLATT, Hugh to Edmund Burke 22.08.69


Letters from Benn Levy (64) to:

BARFIELD, A.R.(2) 01.04.60, 21.03.62

BOYDEN, J.R. 12.07.62

C.N.D. Doncaster 11.06.60

C.N.D. Hampstead 28.04.61

C.N.D. Hampstead Youth 29.10.60

C.N.D. Kensington & Chelsea 12.11.60

C.N.D. London (2) 05.04.61, 25.05.62

C.N.D. Oxford 08.07.60

C.N.D. Yorkshire 25.11.60

CLARK, George 04.07.62

COLLINS, Canon John (2) 04.10.60, 05.11.60

COUSINS, Frank ?.09.60

CRAFT, Michael 26.04.63

DUFF, Peggy (11) 17.05.60-22.06.66

GARDINER, Margaret (14) 09.04.62-09.03.64

GLYN, Denis 27.07.62

GOSS, Arthur N. 10.05.63

HORSLEY, A.S. (4) 17.04.62-02.10.62

JONES, Mervyn 14.11.60

MANCHESTER University Nuclear Disarmament Society 14.04.60

MICHAEL-MICHAELS Advertising 21.05.62

OSBORNE, John 04.05.62

PENROSE, L.S. 27.07.62

POWER, Joyce (6) 17.04.62-17.07.62

RODGER, Mrs. M.C. 08.02.62

RUSSELL, Bertrand (2) 04.10.60

SCOTT, G. Michael 04.10.60

STEWART, Donald Ogden 23.05.62

WINTER, Ella 28.02.61

Letters to Benn Levy (95) from:

BARFIELD, A.R. (3) 27.03.60-23.03.62

BOYD-ORR, John and A.S. Horsley 21.09.62

BOYDEN, J.R. 09.07.62

C.N.D. Doncaster (2) 30.05.60, 10.06.60

C.N.D. Hampstead (2) 12.04.61, 20.05.61

C.N.D. Hampstead Youth ?.10.60

C.N.D. Highgate 25.10.60

C.N.D. Islington n.d.

C.N.D. Kensington & Chelsea (2) 11.11.60, 05.09.62

C.N.D. Oxford University 05.07.60

C.N.D. Theatre Group ?.03.62

C.N.D. Yorkshire 18.11.60

CLARK, George 30.06.62

COLLINS, Canon John (3) 05.10.60-?.03.62

COMMITTEE of 100 30.10.60

CRAFT, Michael 22.04.63

DAVIES, Bridget (2) 07.03.66, 12.03.66

DUFF, Peggy (14) 16.05.60-20.06.66

ENDERSBY, John 27.05.62

GARDINER, Margaret (31) 06.04.62-11.03.65

GLYN, Denis (4) 19.07.62-30.7.62

GOSS, Arthur N. 07.05.63

HORSLEY, A.S. (5) 13.04.62-01.10.62

LABOUR Party, Croydon North West 22.10.60

MANCHESTER University Nuclear Disarmament Society 12.04.60

MARTEN, Neil 21.11.72

NEAL, Frances 01.03.60

PENROSE, L.S. 19.07.62

PIRIE, Tony 25.06.62

POWER, Joyce (3) n.d.

RUSSELL, Bertrand 22.09.60

SCOTT, G. Michael 25.09.60

STEWART, Donald Ogden ?.05.62

WINTER, Ella (2) 24.02.61, 03.03.61

Letters from Constance Cummings (Mrs. Benn Levy) (4) to:

BULLEN, Afian 13.9.61

C.N.D. Kensington & Chelsea 10.7.61

C.N.D. Theatre Group 14.3.62

C.N.D. Walthamstow 4.3.61

Letters to Constance Cummings (9) from:

C.N.D. Kensington & Chelsea 05.07.61

C.N.D. London (4) 06.08.60-09.05.62

C.N.D. Sevenoaks 11.09.61

C.N.D. Theatre Group ?.03.62

C.N.D. Walthamstow 02.03.61

COLLINS, Canon John 23.09.60

Letters (4) from:

RUSSELL, Bertrand to C.N.D. Chairman and National Executive 21.10.60

SCOTT, G. Michael (circular) 19.10.60

WINTER, Ella to New Statesman & Nation 27.02.61

[ ] to Canon John Collins 20.09.60


Letters from Benn Levy (34) to:

BARBER, Elizabeth 19.02.49

BEVAN, Aneurin 19.03.49

BLAIR-FISH, W.W. 28.03.49

BRIDIE, James 28.03.49

CASSON, Sir Lewis 26.03.49

CHUTER EDE, J. 14.03.49

COOPER, Geoffrey 02.02.49

CROSSMAN, R.H.S. 03.05.49

DARTHES, Camilo 08.04.49

GARDINER, Gerald (4) 15.02.49-14.03.49

HARWOOD, H.M. (2) 13.09.48, 22.09.48

ITALIAN Cultural Attaché 18.03.49

JAEGER, Muriel 03.02.49

JOHNSON, Carol 14.01.49

LAWSON, J.J. 18.03.49

LYND, Sheila 23.02.49

MORRIS, T.B. (2) 04.02.49, 01.04.49

MYERS, Harold (2) 04.02.49, 22.03.49

PAGET, R.T. (2) 04.02.49, 08.02.49

RAE, H.E. 13.04.49

SMITH, E.P. (3) 07.02.49-14.03.49

SWAFFER, Hannen (2) 26.02.49, 28.03.49

TOOTH, W.J. 04.02.49

WELLS, William 22.01.49

Letters to Benn Levy (44) from:

AMIES, O.M. 04.03.49

BARBER, Elizabeth (2) 18.02.49, ?.02.49

BLAIR-FISH, W.W. 25.03.49

BRIDIE, James 26.03.49

COOPER, Geoffrey (2) 01.02.49, 03.02.49

CROSSMAN, R.H.S. 28.04.49

GARDINER, Gerald 25.02.49

HARWOOD, H.M. (4) 08.09.48-25.09.48

JAEGER, Muriel 08.02.49

LYND, Sheila 18.02.49

MORRIS, T.B. 26.03.49

NATIONAL Council for Civil Liberties 24.03.49

PAGET, R.T. 07.02.49

RAE, H.E. 11.04.49

SHAWCROSS, Sir Hartley 10.03.49

SMITH, E.P. (18) 29.01.49-05.04.49

THEATRES' National Committee (2) 22.03.49, 25.11.49

TOOTH, W.J. (2) 31.01.49, 09.02.49

WELLS, William (2) 18.01.49, 27.01.49

Letters, etc. (12) from:

BLAIR-FISH, W.W. to J. Chuter Ede 23.03.49

DARTHES, Camilio to E.P. Smith 02.04.49

ELTON, John to E.P. Smith 03.02.49

JAEGER, Muriel to E.P. Smith 29.01.49

KEYNES, Geoffrey to Ted ? 08.03.49

MORRIS, T.B. to E.P. Smith 29.01.49

MYERS, Harold to E.P. Smith 31.1.49

POWELL, Christopher to E.P. Smith (3) 31.01.49-09.02.49

SHERRY, Gordon to E.P. Smith (2) 28.03.49, 31.03.49


Letters from Benn Levy (15) to:

BALCON, Michael 11.11.47

BAXTER, John 03.12.48

BELLMAN, Kenneth 08.12.48

BRUNEL, Adrian 03.02.48

ELVIN, George H. (2) 14.01.48, 09.02.48

KNOX, Alex (2) 29.10.47, 11.11.47

LLOYD, Frank 10.12.48

McKELVIE, J. 08.12.48

MATTHEWS, T.P. 06.12.48

PHILLIPS, Morgan (3) 30.10.47-21.05.48

ROTHA, Paul 05.02.48

Letters to Benn Levy (36) from:

BALCON, Michael (2) 07.11.47, 13.11.47

BAXTER, John (2) 02.12.48, 07.12.48

BELLMAN, Kenneth (2) 29.11.48, 16.12.48

BRUNEL, Adrian (2) 29.01.48, 05.02.48

ELVIN, George H. (8) 06.01.48-13.02.48

HARGREAVES, E.R. 12.02.48

HUTH, Harold 26.11.48

DENHAM Studios, Joint Works Committee (2) 12.02.48, 31.03.48

KNOX, Alex (2) 028.10.47, ?.11.47

LLOYD, Frank 13.12.48

LONDON Labour Party, Central Social Committee 22.04.48

MATTHEWS, T.P. 03.12.48

NASH, Roy 10.12.48

O'BRIEN, T. 12.02.48

PHILLIPS, Morgan (5) 05.11.47-20.05.48

SHERIDAN, Leslie 13.01.48

ROTHA, Paul (2) 06.11.47, 03.02.48

[ ], Harry 17.11.48

Letters (6) from:

ALBURY, M.L. to British Cinema Goer ?.04.48

ASSOCIATION of Specialised Film Producers and Federation of Documentary Film Units to all Members of Parliament 16.01.48

BALCON, Michael to Elvin George H. (2) 07.11.47, ?.12.47

ELVIN, George H. to Harold Wilson 05.02.48

WYNNE, Sydney 19.01.48

COMMON MARKET. Correspondence

Letters, etc. from Benn Levy (23) to:

DAILY Express 03.01.73

EVENING Standard (2) 20.04.66, 29.04.66

FORRESTER, J. 14.12.72

FRERE-SMITH, Christopher 16.02.67

GOODIER, Jock 14.12.72

HILL, Douglas 01.01.73

HUNT, H.M. 14.12.72

JAY, Douglas 27.05.70

KER, J. 14.12.72

KINGSTON, P.M. 14.12.72

MACGREGOR, J.H. 14.12.72

MARTEN, Neil 19.01.70

NEWTON-JONES, W.A. 14.12.72

NICHOLSON, C.S. 14.12.72

RATHBONE, Irene 23.01.70

REES-MOGG, William 16.11.72

SHINWELL, Emmanuel 13.02.67

SIMPSON, Mrs. J. 15.02.72

TIMES, (4) 29.07.71-16.11.72

Letters to Benn Levy (26) from:

EVENING Standard 19.04.66

FOOT, Michael 21.11.[72]

FORRESTER, J. 22.11.72

FRERE-SMITH, Christopher (2) 15.02.67, 18.02.67

GOODIER, Jock 21.11.72

GRUBB, Frederick 20.12.72

HILL, Douglas 10.01.73

HUNT, H.M. 26.11.72

JAY, Douglas 29.05.70

KER, J. 21.11.72

KINGSTON, P.M. 21.11.72

LEIGHTON, Ron (4) 07.01.71- ?.11.72

MACGREGOR, J.H. 25.11.72

MARTEN, Neil 31.12.[69]

NEATE, T. (3) ?.07.69-15.12.69

NEWTON JONES, W.A. ?.11.72

NICHOLSON, C.S. 22.11.72

RATHBONE, Irene 31.12.69

SHINWELL, Emmanuel 16.2.67

SQUIERS, John 10.02.70

Letters (7) from:

JAY, Douglas (2) ?.05.71, 25.07.72

WILLIAMS, Sir Robin to Sir Martin Charteris (4) 12.07.72-03.10.72

WILLIAMS, Sir Robin ?.02.70


Letters from Benn Levy (14) to:

BOSTON, Bonny 03.01.73

BOYARS, Marion (3) 20.11.70-04.10.71

CALDER, John (2) 30.06.70, 11.05.73

GREY, Antony 29.01.73

HAMLING, William 17.05.71

HETHERINGTON, Alister 16.09.71

RICH, John (3) 14.05.70-06.10.70

ROSENBERG, Arm (2) 07.01.72, 20.01.72

Letters to Benn Levy (15) from:

BOSTON, Bonny (2) 07.06.72, 27.12.72

BOYARS, Marion (2) 13.11.70, 24.11.70

CALDER, John (5) 03.02.70-15.05.73

GREY, Antony 24.01.73

RICH, John (4) 13.05.70-19.09.70

ROSENBERG, Ann 26.01.72

Letters (4) from:

BLOND, Antony to Marion Boyars 28.09.70

THE SOCIETY to The Times 26.01.73

HOLBROOK, David to The Times 30.01.73

OFFENBACH, Solicitors to [ ] n.d.

LABOUR PARTY. Films Sub-Committee, Trade & Industry Group. Correspondence

Letters from Benn Levy (24) to:

BARBER, Elizabeth 30.11.45

BELCHER, John 31.05.46

CRIPPS, Sir Stafford 07.05.47

ELVIN, George H. (3) 14.07.47-06.11.47

GOLDBERG, Pearl 15.05.47

GRANTLEY, Lord 07.11.47

HARRISON, A.H. 31.05.46

LEE, Jenny 08.09.[45?]

MALLALIEU, J.P.W. (3) 13.03.46-09.09.46

MANN, Christopher (3) 17.12.45-25.01.46

MARLEY, Lord 07.03.47

PARKER, Gwen 21.05.47

ROTHA, Paul 24.10.47

SHERIDAN, Leslie (2) 10.05.47-13.05.47

STEWARDSON, H.C. 22.10.45

SWINGLER, Humphrey 20.11.47

VERNON, W.F. 15.05.47

Letters to Benn Levy (35) from:

BARBER, Elizabeth 28.11.45

ELVIN, George H. (6) 03.07.47-03.11.47

FAY, J.D. 11.01.46

GOLDBERG, Pearl (2) 12. 5.47, 19.05.47

GRANTLEY, Lord 05.11.47

HALL, W. Glenvil 15.06.46

HARRISON, A.H. 29.05.46

JOHNSON, Carol (2) 02.12.46, 24.4.47

LEE, Jenny 04.09.45

MALLALIEU, J.P.W. (5) 18.04.46-30.08.46

MANN, Christopher (3) 09.12.45-31.12.45

MARLEY, Lord 04.03.47

MINTER, James G. 28.11.45

PARKER, Gwen 16.05.47

PRENTICE, Eric 14.06.46

REES, A.G. 04.06.46

ROTHA, Paul 22.10.47

SHERIDAN, Leslie (2) 07.05.47, 09.05.47

STEWARDSON, H.C. (2) 01.10.45, 17.10.45

STOCK, S.M. 25.06.46

Letters (6) from:

CHAMBERS, J. to New Statesman & Nation 01.04.47

ELVIN, George H. to Hugh Dalton 03.07.47

ELVIN, George H. to The Times 03.11.47

ROTHA, Paul to R.E. Tritton 18.10.47

TRITTON, R.E. to Paul Rotha (2) 16.10.47, 20.10.47


Letters from Benn Levy (14) to:

COWARD, Noel 03.10.31

JENNINGS, Gertrude 09.06.32

KILHAM ROBERTS, D. (3) 31.07.31-12.03.32

LONSDALE, Frederick (2) 03.10.31, 12.10.31

MIDDLETON, George (2) 18.03.39-14.04.39

MULLETT, E.J. (4) 06.08.31-31.08.31

PAYNE, Walter 14.08.40

Letters to Benn Levy (19) from:

FIELD, Helen (2) 02.07.32, 06.09.32

JENNINGS, Gertrude 27.05.32

KILHAM ROBERTS, D. (4) 28.09.31-04.08.32

LONSDALE, Frederick 07.10.31

MIDDLETON, George (2) 27.01.39, 06.04.39

MULLETT, E.J. (5) 31.07.31-29.08.31

PAYNE, Walter (2) 01.08.40, 15.08.40

THRING, G. Herbert (2) 13.02.30

Letters (6) from:

KILHAM ROBERTS, D. (2) 08.07.31, 08.10.31

SILLCOX, Luise to G. Herbert Thring 11.11.29

SOCIETY of West End Theatre Managers to G. Herbert Thring (2) 05.07.29, 12.02.30

THRING, G. Herbert to Luise Sillcox 14.10.29

LEAGUE OF BRITISH DRAMATISTS. Radio and Television Safeguards Committee. Correspondence

Letters from Benn Levy (20) to:

FRASER, Sir Robert (2) 15.08.55, ?.12.55

INGLIS, Frances (2) ?.11.55

LEHMANN, Helen (11) 29.08.55-23.01.61

LESLIE, Dudley (2) 08.11.55, 01.12.55

PEERS, Victor A. ?.12.55

RATCLIFFE, Hardie 10.11.55

WILLIAMS, Francis 21.02.57

Letters to Benn Levy (24) from:

BRITISH Actors' Equity Association 09.12.55

ELVIN, George H. 10.09.58

FRASER, Sir Robert 06.12.55

LEHMANN, Helen (15) 13.06.55-29.01.58

LESLIE, Dudley (5) 11.10.55-09.01.56

TABORI, Paul 01.06.57

Letters (28) from:

BRITISH Screen and Television Writers Association to National Union of Journalists (3) 13.07.55-27.09.55

BRITISH Screen and Television Writers Association to Writers' Guild of America, West (2) 15.09.55, 10.10.55

FRASER, Sir Robert to Helen Lehmann 22.12.55

FRASER, Sir Robert to Sandison, Gordon 22.11.57

LEHMANN, Helen to British Actors' Equity Association 28.02.57

LEHMANN, Helen to Television Programme Contractors Association (4) 21.08.56-08.01.58

KNIGHT, Victor to Valerie Greenwood 09.05.57

NATIONAL Union of Journalists to British Screen and Television Writers Association (2) 15.07.55, 29.09.55

NATIONAL Union of Journalists to Television Writers Council 14.10.55

PEERS, Victor A. to Helen Lehmann (2) 28.12.55, 06.03.56

SANDISON, Gordon to Television Programme Contractors Association 07.06.57

TELEVISION Programme Contractors Association to Helen Lehmann (4) 17.04.56-23.01.58

TELEVISION Programme Contractors Association to Gordon Sandison 12.07.57

TELEVISION Writers' Council to Sir Robert Fraser 03.11.55

WILLIAMS, Francis to Helen Lehmann 28.01.58

WRITERS' Guild of America, West to British Screen and Television Writers Association (2) 07.10.55, 21.11.55


Letters from Benn Levy (18) to:

ALLEN, Elizabeth A. (6) 24.03.58-30.11.59

BERNSTEIN, Sidney L. 06.05.63

ENNALS, Martin (4) 12.10.60-26.04.63

FOOT, Michael 18.11.50

GOLLANCZ, Victor (3) 06.07.50-18.11.50

GREENWOOD, Brian 20.08.56

PURDIE, Malcolm (2) 20.08.56, 24.04.61

Letters to Benn Levy (35) from:

ALLEN, Elizabeth A. (13) 05.03.58-19.05.60

BERNSTEIN, Sidney L. (2) 10.05.63, 16.09.63

ENNALS, Martin (10) 07.12.59-19.06.63

FORMAN, Denis 08.10.63

GOLLANCZ, Victor (7) 05.07.50-20.11.50

HASKELL, Frank 18.06.58

PURDIE, Malcolm 04.05.61

Letter from:

ELTHAM Social Progress Group to Elizabeth A. Allen 16.05.60


Letters from Benn Levy (17) to:

BARBER, Elizabeth 10.03.52

BRANCA, Vittore (3) 17.12.51-28.08.52

HELL, Henri (4) 30.01.52-29.10.52

KILROE, Maureen 27.05.52

LLOYDS & National Provincial Foreign Bank 10.06.53

RAE, Kenneth (3) 27.10.51-10.03.52

TAYLOR, John W. 16.09.52

TORRES BODET, Jaime (2) 23.11.51, 21.06.52

UNESCO Treasurer 17.11.52

Letters to Benn Levy (19) from:

BARBER, Elizabeth 13.03.52

BRANCA, Vittore (4) 29.11.51-25.08.52

CARVER, David 02.04.52

HELL, Henri (4) 25.01.52-27.10.52

KILROE, Maureen 20.05.52

LLOYDS and National Provincial Foreign Bank 11.06.53

RAE, Kenneth (3) 26.10.51-12.03.52

TAYLOR, John W. 08.09.52

TORRES BODET, Jaime (2) 22.11.51, 18.06.52

UNESCO Chief Accountant 11.05.53  



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