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Common Wealth Party Archive I

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(S) From the Stuckey papers.

(L) From the Lawson papers.

(M) From the McRonald papers.

(W) From the Waite papers.



Committee Papers 1-2/

National Committee
Minutes of meetings 1-21, 26.07.42-03 & 04.03.45. 1 ledger, ts. l/1
Minutes of meetings 22-27, 01.04.45-16.09.45. Draft minutes of 26th meeting, 11 & 12.08.45. 1 file, loose-leaves, ts. 1/2-41
[Verbatim report of] meeting of the National Committee, 18.09.43. 1 file ts. papers 1/42-96
Minutes of meetings 180-1, 184, 196, 198[?], 16.01.66-14.12.68. 1 file ts. papers (mainly photocopies) (S) 1/97-106

Working Committee

Minutes of meetings 1-52, 30.07.42-01.04.44. 1 ledger, ts. 2/1
Minutes of emergency meeting, 01.10.42. 1 file, loose-leaves, ts. 2/2-5
Executive Committee
Minutes of meetings 1-53, 17.04.44-27.08.45. 1 file, loose-leaves, ts. 2/6-123

Conference Papers 3/

National Conference 24-26.04.43. [Verbatim report with related documents]. 1 ledger, ts. 3/1

Third Conference, Easter 1945. 6th, 7th, 8th sessions [Verbatim reports]. 1 file ts. papers 3/2-77

Special Conference 16.09.45. Official papers 1 file ts. and printed papers. Includes: The future of Common Wealth - statements of the alternatives; Future of Common Wealth - memorandum by R. Acland; circular letters; Arrangements for conference; Agenda and timetable; Resolutions from branches. 3/78-91. See also Personal Papers. Lawson. Relations with Common Wealth. Special Conference Papers 1944-45.

19th Annual Conference, 13 & 14.05.61: first agenda;

24th Annual Conference, 22 & 23.10.66: final agenda;

26th Annual Conference, 14 & 15.12.68: first agenda;

27th Annual Conference, 01 & 02.11.69: final agenda. 1 file ts. papers 3/92-116

Miscellaneous Papers 3/

Accounts, Inventories, etc. 1 file ms. & ts. papers. Includes: Balance sheet, income & expenditure account 31.12.44; Purchase credit balance 31.12.44; Sales balances 31.12.44; Balance sheet and accounts 31.12.45; Inventory 31.12.45; Stock lists 31.12.45; miscellaneous drafts; related correspondence with West & Drake. 3/117-137

Election Reports. 1 file ms. & ts. papers. Contains reports on: Watford 23.02.43: letter from Audrey Lees to Mrs. Slater 01.03.43; Eddisbury 07.04.43: report by Mass-Observation 26.04.43; The Hartlepools 01.06.43: ms. note; Observations by Joe Thomas; Newark 08.06.43: reports by C.M. Halling & Olga Peters; Aston (Birmingham) 09.06.43: ms. note; letter from Gilbert Hall to R.W.G. Mackay 14.06.43; report by Mrs. Schaeffer; Bury St. Edmunds 1945: memorandum by E.C. Gordon England. 3/138-222

Personal Reports. 1 file ts. papers. Contains reports on E.C. Gordon England; Donald Fraser; Gilbert Hall; John Loverseed as M.P. ; Joe Thomas as London regional organiser. 3/223-234

Correspondence: G. Hall. 1 file ms., ts. & printed papers. Contains: 2 letters: G. Hall - R.W.G. Mackay 15 & 21.03.44; with cutting of Hall's article 'Common Wealth, latest comer to British Politics', The Egyptian Gazette 14.03.44. 3/235-237

Correspondence: Servicemen's Campaign 1945. 4 files ms. & ts. papers. Contain:
'Master Letters' & List of Correspondents. 3/238-335
'Replies': Summary of findings; replies from candidates; replies from branch officers in regions - 1 (North), 3 (Yorkshire), 4 (Manchester), 5 (Merseyside), 6 (North Midlands), 7 (West Midlands); 3/336-467. Regions: 8 (East Midlands), 9 (Eastern Counties), 10 (London), 11 (Southern Counties), 12 (South Western), 13 (Wales), 15 (Scotland East), 17 (Home Counties North), 18 (Home Counties South). 3/468-586
'Letters for answering': Marylebone Branch, H. Lawson, Ellesmere Port Branch, H. Barham. 3/587-594

Miscellaneous. 1 file ms. & ts. papers. Contains: The Common Wealth conspiracy.!! by Eric Troward; Examination of policy of Labour Party (diagram with notes) 3/595-599

Common Wealth Publications 4

1st, Manchester, 24-26.04.43. Report (W) and draft constitution (L). 4/1-2
2nd, London, 7-10.04.44. Agendas (L), constitution and draft (working and clean copies) (L), list of members attending (M) and report (L). 4/3-10
3rd, Liverpool, 30.03-02.04.45. Agendas (L). Includes interleaved copies with ms. notes by Hugh Lawson. 4/11-14
Special Conference, London, 08.10.44. Agenda and timetable (L). 4/15

'Policy'. 1 file printed leaflets and booklets. Contains:. Manifesto 1943; Common Wealth policy 1944-45; Information bulletin 1-6, 8 (on Education, Representative government, Housing and planning, Health services, Policies of the Left, Poverty and inequality, National income); Publications and leaflets; 4 issues of Town and Country Review; and miscellaneous pamphlets-Democracy at work, A new kind of politics, Open letter to a Christian, Question and answer from Common Wealth meetings, and Questions and answers about Common Wealth. 4/16-40

'Internal'. 1 file printed leaflets and booklets. Includes: Memorandum on region and branch organisation; Common Wealth (on finance); Why sensory ?; Common Wealth self-assessment plan; Branch Officers Handbook; leaflet on 'quotas'; Common Wealth and you (on finance); Suggestions for canvassing; Extended self-assessment scheme; election deficit appeal; letter on Negotiating Committee; letter on Common Wealth Review; Abbreviated memorandum on organisation. Includes some duplicate copies. 4/41-71

'Miscellaneous Pre-Split'. 1 file printed leaflets. Contains: Public meetings; Five year post-war plan; Plan for the general election; The next general election; Memorandum on Mr. Churchill; Why Common Wealth fights Labour; 'Now it's up to you!'; Case for common ownership; Serviceman's guide to Common Wealth; Booklist 202; The future of industry, by Joan Robinson; Common Wealth in 1944; Open letter to the families of servicemen and servicewomen. Includes some duplicate copies. 4/72-91

'Local'. 1 file printed leaflets and booklets. Contains: Birmingham, Democracy and you, Vital democracy sub-committee preliminary enquiry; Bournemouth, The meaning of Common Wealth; Bristol, Statement of aims; Eddisbury, Common Wealth - from Eddisbury no. 1; Halifax (?), Youth calling; London, Campaign for 1945, Common Wealth is common sense, Common Wealth Newsletter nos. 54 and 55, First agenda for the 12th annual conference 1954, Italy and revolution by Tom Wintringham; Manchester, Common Wealth News; Merseyside, Common Wealth (4 issues), Into Battle no. 1, World of plenty; North, The future of Tyneside; Nottingham, Common Wealth asks..; Portsmouth South, What is Common Wealth; Southern, What to read no. 1; Taunton, An agricultural policy. Includes some duplicate copies. 4/92-121

Election Publications 1943-45
By-Election Leaflets 1943-45 (Published for Common Wealth and CW-supported candidates) 1 file. Contains: Midlothian North 11.02.43 (T. Wintringham), 3; Eddisbury (Cheshire) 07.04.43 (J. Loverseed), 3; Newark 08.06.43 (E.W. Moeran), 3; Aston (Birmingham) 09.06.43 (G. Hall), 1; Peterborough 15.10.43 (S. Bennett), 1; Darwen 15.12.43 (H. Balfour), 6 (L); Skipton 07.01.44 (H. Lawson), 3; Derbyshire West 17.02.44 (C. White), 4 (L); Rusholme (Manchester) 08.07.44 (H. Blomerley), 8; Chelmsford 26.04.45 (E.P. Millington), 1. 4/122-154
General Election Publications 1945. 2 files printed leaflets. Contain: Candidates Leaflets: Sir R. Acland (2); Wilfred Brown; S.G. Checkland; R. Chesterton (2); D. Donnelly; E.C. Gordon England; D. Frank; K. Heath; J. Hemming; K. Horne; H. Lawson; E.R. Millington; E. Moeran; Mrs. J. Purser; A. Ridsdale; T. Sargant; Dr. D. Anderton Sharp; G.B. Suggett; E.J. Trout (3); Mrs. C. Williamson; Mrs. K. Wintringham (2); T. Wintringham (3); W.J. Voisey Youldon (2); F. Young. Includes some duplicate copies. 4/155-195

Policy Leaflets: Common Wealth plan for the general election; General election series 1-8, 10; G.E. series 1-6, 8-9; agricultural policy; 8 press releases on candidates. Includes some duplicate copies. 4/196-225


Regional Records 5

Region 5 (Merseyside/North West) (McRonald Papers). 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Includes: Regional Constitution; lists of members and speakers; leaflets announcing public meetings; membership cards; Summary of Election Work and Expenses, 1945; Secretary's reports; circular letters; cuttings from local press - Birkenhead Advertiser, Birkenhead News, Ellesmere Port Advertiser, Southport Guardian, Southport Visitor, etc. 1943-4. 5/1-38

Region 10 (London). 1 file ts. papers. Contains: Minutes of meetings of Council and of Executive Committee 09.06.44-11.12.45. 5/39-84

Region 18 (Home Counties South). 1 file ts. papers. Contains agendas and minutes of meetings of Council and of Executive Committee 11.06.44-19.01.46. Incomplete. 5/85-216

Miscellaneous (Allsop Papers). 1 file ts. papers. Contains: Report on Thirsk and Malton constituency by York sub-agent; timetable for 09.04.45 during Chelmsford by-election; letter of dismissal to regional agent 01.08.45. 5/217-222

Branch Records : Bristol and Lincoln 6

Bristol 1945-63 (Clegg Papers)
Annual meetings 1947-55. [Minutes book] ; ms. 6/1
Annual meetings 1956-65. [Minutes book] ; ms. & ts. 6/2
[Branch meetings ] 1945-55. Minutes book; ms. 6/3
Branch meetings 1955-64. Minutes book; ms. & ts. 6/4
Branch meetings 1964-65. [Minutes book] ; ts. 6/5
Committee meetings, Women's meetings 1946-49. [Minutes book] ; ms. 6/6
Executive committee 1947. Minutes of meetings Notebook; ms. 6/7
[Press cuttings book 1947-55]. 6/8
Balance sheets and circular letter 1951-54. 1 file ts. papers 6/9-13
Miscellaneous Papers 1945-63. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Includes: leaflets and tickets for public meetings; membership book and lists; Branch Secretary's annual reports1947-48, 1950-56, 1958, 1961-2; memoranda from headquarters. 6/14-82
Common Wealth Branches. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains: Lists of branches and regional and branch secretaries. 6/83-118
Lincoln 1942-43 (Waite Papers)
Miscellaneous Papers. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains: national and regional correspondence of J. Rodney Waite; duplicated memoranda from headquarters, including Wartime Constitution; Common Wealth manifesto 1943. 6/119-146

Branch Records : Harrow and Pinner 1945-54 (Stuckey Papers) 7

Minute Books
Harrow Branch (Central Harrow Group-Harrow Branch). Minutes of meetings 02.03.44-17.04.52. Notebook, ms. 7/1
Pinner Branch. Minutes of Branch and Committee meetings 17.09.46-25.05.49. Binder, ms. and ts. papers. 7/2
Branch Secretary's Files
General correspondence 1944-45. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Concerns principally local membership; includes specimen membership cards, lists of members, postage book, press cuttings. 7/3-59
General correspondence 1949-54. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Concerns principally local membership. 7/60-162
Correspondence with Harrow Urban District Council 1948-54. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. 7/163-181
Correspondence with other organisations 1949-51. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Includes: correspondence with Crusade for World Government, Ex-Service Movement for Peace, Harrow Peace Council, and Joint Council for World Government. 7/182-211
Official papers from party headquarters 1944-49. 1 file ts. and printed papers. Includes: leaflets advertising public meetings and circular letters about the future of the party and the state of party funds. 7/212-234
Official papers from London Region 1945-54 (Papers issued by London Regional Council-London Federation Council, Regional Secretary, Regional Executive Committee, etc.). 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Includes: accounts; agendas and minutes of meetings of Council and of members; regional and branch constitutions and drafts; circular letters; news sheets. 7/235-346
Papers relating to the General Election (1945) at West Harrow. Administrative Papers. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Includes:
Constituency Committee Minutes 20.04.45-22.02.46; Accounts;
Organisation: papers include Scheme for regional activity, Hints on election organisation, list of public meetings, Polling Station Organiser's notes, Instructions for Polling District Organisers, Instructions for making canvass books, list of polling stations and organisers;
Official election forms. 7/347-414

Publicity Papers. 1 file printed papers. Contains: 4 tickets and 5 leaflets for public meetings; 6 leaflets describing CW candidate (H. Lawson) and policies; 8 posters; 3 leaflets issued by opposing candidates; 2 press cuttings. 7/415-442


Papers of Sir Richard Acland Bt. , M.P. 1938-45 8

Unpublished Papers

Our Struggle, Forward March, 1941 Committee. 1 file ts. and printed papers. Includes:
Our Struggle: Economic notes; Progress reports;
Forward March: group letters; Committee minutes; leaflets Cal/2-7 1R; Publications 1-4, 6-10;
1941 Committee: resolutions; circular letters
Essay, The birth of Common Wealth. 8/1-57
Correspondence 1940-42. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. A chronological file of letters to and from the following correspondents:
Archbishop of York (W. Temple): to 11.11.40; from 18.11.40;
Benes, E. (interview) : from 10.04.41;
Bishop of Birmingham (E.W. Barnes): from 21.02.41, 08.03.41;
Bishop of Bristol (C.S. Woodward): from 24.04.40;
Bishop of Chelmsford (H.A. Wilson): from 20.02.41;
Bishop of Chichester (G.K.A. Bell): from 16.07.40;
Bishop of Ely (B.O.F. Haywood): from 23.04.40;
Bishop of Liverpool (A.A. Davis): from 18.09.42;
Bottome, P.: from 12.11.40, 03.03.41;
Cripps, R.S.: from 22.08.42;
Fry, A.R.: from 13.08.40;
Gollancz, V.: to [n.d.];
Huxley, J.: from 27.02.41, 14.03.41;
Jager, Rev. G.: from 02.06.42 (with enclosures), 06.06.42, 24.08.42;
Laski, H.J.: from 25.07.42, 31.07.42, 19.08.42;
Maisky, I.: from 13.01.41;
Marriott [?], S.J.: from 04.11.40;
Noel, C.: from 07.05.40;
Priestley, J.B.: to 05.10.40; from 30.10.40, 09.11.40, 25.02.41, 19.07.[42?], 02.09.[42?], 10.10.42, [n.d.].
Prime Minister (W.S. Churchill): to 24.01.41; from 27.01.41;
Prime Minister's Secretary: to 24.01.41;
Raven, C. from 10.05.[40?];
Smith, H. to [n.d.], [July ?] 42 , 16.09.42; from 11.08.42. 8/58-115
Note: undated letters [n.d.] appear at the end of the file.
Diary with Letters and Documents 09.03.43-09.10.43. 1 file ms. and ts. documents in loose-leaf diary. Contains drafts of documents, memoranda, leaflets, etc., and letters to and from the following correspondents:
Attlee, C.R.: to 16 or 17.03.43;
Beare, J.: to 6[?].09.43; from 05.09.43;
Brown, Wilfred: to 01.04.43; from [n.d.];
Davies, C.: to 27.03.43;
Driberg, T. to 09.04.43;
Eden, Sir A. to 28.04.43;
Gollancz, V. to 29.07.43;
Good, A.P.: to 11[?].08.43; from 09.08.43;
Grigg, Sir J.: to 17.03.43;
Horabin, T.L.: to 27.03.43;
Ingram, K.: from 13.09.43;
International Pub. Co.: from 16.07.43;
Jager, Rev. G.: from 13.08.43, 20.08.43;
Laski, H.J.: from 06.04.43;
Llewellyn-Smith, H [?]: from 25.04.43;
(Mackay, R.W.G. to J. Parkes 28.08.43)
Mitchison, N.: to 10.03.43; from 15.03.43;
Moeran, E.: to 09.06.43;
Morrison, H.: to 24.03.43;
Parkes, J.: from 02.09.43;
(Parkes, J. to R.W.G. Mackay 23.08.43, 30.08.43)
Prime Minister (W.S. Churchill): to 24.03.43;
Richards, E.: from 17.03.43;
Sandys, Diana: from 06.09.43;
Stapledon, O.: from 31.08.43;
Sun Engraving Co. Ltd.: from 22.09.43;
Sydney Daily Telegraph: to 02.07.43;
Verney, Sir R.: to 17.03.43; from 04.08.43;
Wintringham, K.: to 09.03.43; from 13.09.43;
Wintringham, T.: to 13.03.43, 16.04.43, 06.08.43; from 04.08.43, 03.09.43, [ ?].09.43;
and unidentified correspondents:
Bishop of [ ]: to 11.03.43;
[ ] , Annie: from [n.d.] 8/116-245
Note: undated letters [n.d.] appear at the end of the file.
Diary with Letters and Documents 27.09.43-11.07.45. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Excludes letters from Jan. 1944 onwards (for which see Correspondence and Memoranda 16.01.44-45). Contains drafts of documents together with the correspondence and memoranda listed below:
Correspondence: letters to and from the following persons:
Clifton Brown, D.: from 02.12.43;
Fairhurst, Marjorie: from 23.12.43;
Mackay, R.W.G.: to 01.10.43, [?].10.43;
(MacMurray, J. to T. Wintringham 13.07.[43] file at [?].11.43)
Moeran, E. from 31.10.43 (extract, filed at 11.11.43);
Parkes, J.: to [20 ?].01.44;
Peach, Mrs.: to [?].11.43;
Sargant, T.: to [?].10.43, [?].10.43;
Wintringham, K.: to 01.10.43, [?].11.43; from 29.10.43, [?].11.43;
Wintringham, T.: to [?].10.43, 11.11.43, [?].11.43, [?].11.43, 13.12.43, [20?].01.44; from 28.10.43, 28.11.43, 15.12.43;
Memoranda: Memorandum on our economic argument; Memorandum on Common Wealth theory, November 1943; Draft leaflet submitted by me to Conference; Report on MacMurray to me & Tom as prepared for Conference; Memorandum: 'A political body..' by K. Ingram, 15.11.43; Draft leaflet arising from weekend discussion 20/21.11.43...Common Wealth December 1943... ; Fellowship or morality ? by T. & K. Wintringham, 17.11.43, with comments by R. Acland, K. Ingram and J. Parkes. 8/246-404
Correspondence and Memoranda 16.01.44-45. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Chronological file containing:
Correspondence: letters to and from the following persons:
Armytage, D.: from 22.03.44;
Bell, E.: from 14.02.44;
Brown, Wilfred: from 08.02.44;
Forster, M.L.: to 20.09.44; from 16.09.44;
Gollancz, V.: from 05.11.44, 06.11.44;
Imperial Review: from 02.05.44;
Ingram, K. : from 13.07.45;
Jager, Rev. G. : from 24.01.44;
Mackay, R.W.G.: from 10.05.44, 02.11.44;
Rev, A.B.: from 18.12.44;
Shaw, G.B.: from 18.05.44;
Stein, W. : from 22.03.45 (with enclosure), 27.03.45;
Trevelyan, Sir C. : from 17.12.44, 17.09.45;
Wintringham, K.: to 21.06.44, [?.?].45: from 10.06.[44];
Wintringham, T.: to 10.05.44, 07.06.44; from 01.06.[44].
Memoranda: The coalition, socialism and the general election; Common Wealth's purpose (1.45); Future of Common Wealth (8.45); Memorandum on suggested subject for uncensored debate (2.45); Resolutions drafted for the purpose of testing the opinion of the National Committee on issues which seem to be undecided in Common Wealth at the present time (6.44). 8/405-476

Drafts of Speeches, Broadcasts, Sermons, etc. 1937-45. 1 file ts. papers. 16 pieces; delivered at Oxford Union, Left Book Club, B.B.C., Common Wealth annual conferences (Manchester 07.02.42; Central Hall, Westminster 16.03.43), General Election 1945; and draft of article for Daily Mirror [?].02.42. 8/477-588

Published Papers

Pamphlets; Reports of Speeches, Sermons, etc. 1937-45. 1 file printed papers. Contains: article 'Human needs come first (The Leader 26.02.44); pamphlets 'It must be Christianity' 1941, 'What now ?' 1939; speech on education white paper 30.07.43, and reports from Christian Century, Christian World Pulpit, Hansard, Left News, Listener, etc. 8/589-608

Press Cuttings 1940-45. 1 file printed papers, mounted. Contains cuttings from: Animals' Friend; Aufbau; Bristol Evening Post; Bristol Evening World; Cambridge Daily News; Catholic Herald; Crosby Herald; Daily Herald; Daily Mail; Daily Telegraph; Dorset Daily Echo; Dundee Courier; Economist; Evening Citizen; Evening Standard; Evening Telegraph; Forum, Johannesburg; Forward; Glasgow Herald; Greenock Telegraph; Iraq Times; Lancaster Guardian; Liverpool Echo; Manchester City News; Methodist Recorder; Montgomeryshire Express; New Statesman; News, Toronto; News Chronicle; North Devon Journal-Herald; North Western Evening Mail; Northern Daily Telegraph; Northern Whig; Observer; People; Post; Reynolds News; Saturday Night, Toronto; Scots Socialist; Sheffield Telegraph; Southern Times; Sunday Pictorial; Sunday Times; Sydney Daily Telegraph; Time; Times; Trunk Call, British Forces, Pacific; Wallasey News; Weekly Mail, Cardiff; Wessex News; Western Daily Press; Wimbledon Borough News; World News, World Views; World Press Review; Yorkshire Evening News. 8/609-668

Cartoons. 1 file. Contains original drawings of: Hengest, 'How much longer can I pretend it isn't there?' and Low, 'A Dicky-bird told 'em'. 8/669-670

Papers of Mr. Hugh Lawson 1940-45 9-13

Relations with Common Wealth 9

Our Struggle, Forward March, 1941 Committee 1940-42. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains: Our Struggle: 4 letters; circulars; Manifesto of the common man; Manifesto of the ordinary man; Forward March: select Documents and Publications; 1941 Committee: booklet - The 1941 Committee; Common Wealth: 2 circulars; and duplicated ts. notes - Problems of empire. 9/1-40

Candidature for Parliament 1943. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains: correspondence especially with National Agent (Mrs. M.C. Wimbush); personal questionnaire; report - Information re Lieut. Hugh Lawson; article in lieu of election address - Housing and communal life. 9/41-67

'Policy Papers' 1943-45. 1 file ts. and printed papers. Includes papers from Policy Committee, Policy Department, Research Department and Working Committee, and reports, drafts and documents for discussion: British police service within a socialist society; CW and local government; CW in the present political situation, 08.12.43; [Compensation for landowners] Decentralisation and devolution; Distribution of incomes under common ownership; Housing, by Kitty Wintringham; Housing and communal life, by Hugh Lawson; Housing & rent; Industry under CW questionnaire and resolutions; [maintaining peace in Europe] ; Medicine today & tomorrow; Science under socialism; Small man and common ownership; Study of religious belief & practice; with some covering letters. 9/68-226

'National Committee Papers' 1944. 1 file ts. papers. Contains: agendas and minutes of meetings; reports and related documents; accounts and budgets; circular letters; memoranda, including papers on CW organisation, CW publishing, CW and trade unions, Daily Worker Unity Conference; papers from Candidates Conference, meeting of regional officers, Policy Committee; and miscellaneous branch letters. 9/227-395

Correspondence with Headquarters 1944-45. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains: correspondence with Accountant (W.G. Sharples), Chairman (R.W.G. MacKay), General Secretary (J.A. Evans), London Region Election Agent (Mrs. C.V. Bunker), National Agent (Mrs. M.C. Wimbush), North Region Secretary (Miss F. Stothard); miscellaneous correspondence with Desmond Donnelly, Maj. A. Henderson, J.A. Slater, C.A. Smith, Mrs. K.Wintringham, and others; enclosures - The service men's vote, draft of part 2 of Three letters to a soldier, Branch letter no. 21, and papers relating to the Chelsea by-election 11.10.44. 9/396-547

Administrative Papers 1944-45. 1 file ts. papers. Contains: Outline for national meetings campaign; papers of Left Unity meeting 08.03.44; report on proposed expenditure for 1945; Procedures for dealing with possible CW candidates; West Midlands Region Draft questionnaire for vital democracy enquiry; and papers relating to the coming general election of 1945: circular letters from General and Forces Secretaries; Practical policy points; Statement by Sir R. Acland; Memorandum on propaganda and membership; Common Wealth's purpose; Agreed statement on electoral policy; Resolution on popular front and the general election; Resolution on line of speeches. 9/548-587

Special Conference Papers 1944-45. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains papers relating to discussions of the future of Common Wealth at:
Special Conference 08.10.44: minutes; circular letter to forces members;
Special Conference 16.09.45: financial statement, May 1945; circular letters; minutes of meetings; resolutions and drafts; memoranda by Sir R. Acland, Norman Clark, H. Lawson, and the Forces (Middle East) members; and The Future of Common Wealth, statements of the alternatives, by Sir R. Acland and others; with some covering letters. 9/588-657

Skipton By-Election Papers 1943-44 10

General Correspondence. 4 files ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains correspondence principally of election agent Miss K.M. Allsop with local assistants, supporters and voters; arranged 28.11.43-19.12.43; 20.12.43-30.12.43; 01.01.44-10.02.44; undated A-Z. 10/1-320

The Press: Statements and Letters. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains: press statements, including Conduct to the prejudice; summaries of speeches at High Bentham 18.12.43, Addingham 28.12.43, Skipton 29.12. 43, Barnoldswick 30.12.43, Salters Forth and Gisburn 31.12.43, etc. ; messages of support from Barnoldswick N.F.U. , Skipton Trades Council and T. Driberg M.P. ; letters to Bradford Observer, Bradford Telegraph, Craven Herald, Yorkshire Post, with letters to Yorkshire Observer by E. Troward and M.L. Forster. 10/321-370

Organisation. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Includes Hints on election organisation for election committees, Instructions to canvassers, Instructions to speakers, Minutes of Election Committee, information on candidate, lists of public meetings, polling-lists, etc. 10/371-443

Contacts. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains lists of local names and addresses. 10/441-451

Leaflets and Posters. 1 file printed papers. Contains leaflets and posters of CW candidate and others (with some duplicate copies). 10/452-468

Press-Cuttings. 2 files printed papers, mounted. Contain cuttings from local and national papers, supplied principally by Woolgar & Roberts' Press Cutting Agency from: Advertiser & Bellman (Barnoldswick); Bath Daily Chronicle; Barnoldswick, Earby & District Herald; Belfast Evening Telegraph; Birmingham Dispatch; Birmingham Mail; Birmingham Post; Brighton Argus; Chichester Post; Courier (Halifax); Craven Herald; Daily Dispatch; Daily Express; Daily Herald; Daily Mail; Daily Mirror; Daily News Chronicle; Daily Sketch; Daily Telegraph; Devon Gazette (Exeter); East Anglian Daily News (Norwich); Eastern Daily Press (Norwich); Economist; Edinburgh Dispatch; Empire News; Evening News; Evening Standard; Examiner (Huddersfield); Express & Star; Farmer & Stockbreeder; Glasgow Herald, Glasgow News; Glasgow Record; Hull Daily News; Irish News (Belfast); Keighley News; Leicester Evening Mail; Liverpool Daily Post; Liverpool Express; Liverpool Post; Manchester Despatch; Manchester Evening News; Manchester Guardian; Morning Advertiser; Municipal Journal; Newcastle Journal; News Chronicle; News of the World; News Review; Nottingham Evening News; Nottingham Guardian; Nottingham Journal; Observer; People; Scottish Daily Express; Scotsman (Edinburgh); Southern Daily Echo (Southampton); Spectator; Star; Sunday Chronicle; Sunday Graphic; Sunday Mercury (Birmingham); Sunday Times; Sussex Daily News (Brighton); Telegraph & Argus (Bradford); Times; Truth; Western Daily Press (Bristol); Western Mail (Cardiff); Western Morning News (Plymouth); Yorkshire Evening News; Yorkshire News (Leeds); Yorkshire Observer (Bradford); Yorkshire Post (Leeds). 10/469-648

Member of Parliament: National Correspondence and related Papers 1944-45 11

Engagements. 1 file ms. , ts. and printed papers. Contains correspondence 09.01.44-20.03.45 with British Growers Union, Civil Service National Whitley Council Staff Side, Common Wealth (various regions and branches), Cotton Board, Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Leicester Temperance Society, London Christian Endeavour Foundation, National Peace Council, National Temperance Federation, National Union of Women Teachers, National Women's Union for Service Mothers and Dependants, Ribble Board of Conservators, Russia Today Society, Woking Religion and Life Week, Women for Westminster, and others; with enclosures, including temperance petitions and Proportionate party representation by D.N. Taylor. 11/1-169

Miscellaneous 1944. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains principally single letters to individual correspondents 31.01.44-18.07.44; with enclosures, including Call-up for Armed Forces and Coalmining from Burnley District Committee A.E.U., Facts on Latvia by E. Maurin, and Natal Indian Congress Newsletter nos. 1-2. 11/170-256

Miscellaneous ('for Perusal'). 1 file ms. , ts. and printed papers. Contains principally official leaflets, pamphlets and circular letters (without replies), including: Evidence on hardship cases among families dependant on men and women in the forces, collected by the London Women's Parliament; How to save the starving children of Europe, by H.E. Kershner; International trade policy-report of the F.B.I; Local government reform, by the R.D.C. Association; Memorandum on the education bill by the Incorporated Association of Assistant Masters in Secondary Schools; The Police Auxiliary-his story and troubles, from the Auxiliary Police Association; Report of the first Conference in liberated Europe, Bari, published by the U.D.C. ; 'Where there's a will...': an essay on reconstruction by L. Southerns; Your health and the factory, issued by the Yeadon branch of the C.P.G.B. and leaflets on British Health Freedom Society, Empire Parliamentary Association, the poultry industry, Roman Catholic schools and the Society of Yorkshire men in London, etc. 11/257-316

The Press: Articles and related Correspondence 1944. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains drafts of articles and notes, with covering letters, for Dairy Farmer, Edinburgh Clarion, Forward (Glasgow), Reveille, and Youth News; including: The By-election and the second front; 'The change-over from the armed forces to civilian life...'; comments (Dairy Farmer); Common Wealth and the forces; Company dismiss; Lessons of Skipton; Message (Youth News); on agricultural policy at by-election (Dairy Farmer); replies to reader's questions (Dairy Farmer). 11/317-396

Servicemen. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains principally single exchanges with individual correspondents, but includes correspondence with W.O. Taylor R.A.F. Middle East, and letters received after King's Regulation speech. 11/397-475

Press Cuttings 1944. 1 file printed papers, mounted. Contains cuttings from national and local papers 15.01.44-19.05.44, supplied principally by Woolgar & Roberts' Press Cutting Agency from: Bedford Recorder; Birmingham Post; Builder; Craven Herald; Daily Express; Daily Herald; Daily Mail; Daily Mirror; Daily News Chronicle; Daily Sketch; Daily Telegraph; Daily Worker; Dairy Farmer, East Anglian Daily Times (Ipswich); Economist; Edinburgh Evening News; Egyptian Mail; Evening Despatch (Birmingham); Evening Gazette (Blackpool); Evening News; Evening Standard; Glasgow Herald; Ipswich Evening Star; Keighley News; Leicester Evening Mail; Liverpool Post; Manchester Despatch; Manchester Guardian; Morning Advertiser; Municipal Journal; New Statesman; News Chronicle; News Review; Nottingham Guardian; Recorder; Scotsman (Edinburgh); Scottish Daily Express; Sheffield Telegraph; Star; Sussex Daily News (Brighton); Telegraph & Argus (Bradford); Times; Western Daily Press (Bristol); Western Morning News (Plymouth); Yorkshire Evening News (Leeds); Yorkshire Observer (Bradford); Yorkshire Post (Leeds). Post (Leeds). 11/476-532

Member of Parliament: Skipton Constituency Papers 1944-45 12

Correspondence. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains principally single exchanges with individual correspondents, but includes letters on local party administrative matters and exchanges with E. Hargreaves, Carleton Branch Secretary A.E.U. 12/1-64

Engagements. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains correspondence with local charitable, religious and social organisations 21.01.44-17.03.45 12/65-200

Forces Electoral Registration. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains papers relating to the addition to the electoral register of Skipton constituents serving in H.M. Forces, 15.08.44-08.02.45; including lists of names, registration forms and related correspondence. 12/201-385

Miscellaneous Papers. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains: personal calendar 1944-45; description by H. Lynthwaite of tour of constituency in August 1944; Replies to questions asked by Settle branch N.F.U. 30.01.45. 12/386-398

The Press: Articles, Letters, Speeches. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains articles, letters on controversial subjects, notices of public meetings and texts of speeches 02.02.44-12.02.45. Includes articles on demobilisation, Personal freedom in a planned economy, '..on a revolutionary period in the history of our country..', What can we say to the people?; letters Bradford Telegraph, Craven Herald, Ilkley Gazette, Lancaster Guardian, Nottingham Journal, Yorkshire Observer; exchanges of correspondence on socialism with H.D. Leather, J. Percival Davies and others (Craven Herald), on employment policy and on unemployment and private ownership with D. Hield and others (Craven Herald, Ilkley Gazette); and speeches delivered at Barnoldswick 20.03.44 and 20.11.44, Glusburn 13.11.44, Huddersfield 22.04.44, Ingleton 26.11.44, Keighley 23.04.44, Leeds 11.02.44, Luton 23.11.44, Nottingham [May, 1944] and University College Nottingham 28.02.44, Otley 24.04.44, Settle 19.02.44, Skipton Trades Council 27.11.44, Wakefield 22.04. 44. 12/399-517

Relations with the Parties. 1 file ms. , ts. and printed papers. Contains correspondence with Leeds Young Communist League, Skipton Common Wealth, and Skipton Labour Party and its candidate J. Percival Davies; and related papers. 12/518-576

Walker Debate: Correspondence. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Correspondence 15.02.44-03.05.44 relating to the arrangements for a public debate at Skipton 06.05.44 with Councillor Fred. Walker, Leeds Conservative agent. 12/577-607

General Election 1945. 1 file printed papers. Contains leaflets issued by candidates at Skipton: J. Percival Davies (Lab.), G.B. Drayson (Con.), E. Townsend (Lib.) 12/608-612

The General Election 1945: West Harrow 13

Correspondence: Miscellaneous. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains correspondence 24.04.45-13.07.45 relating to the administration of the campaign: booking halls, election funds, literature, offers of personal assistance, transport. 13/1-82

Correspondence: 'Interests'. 1 file ms. , ts. and printed papers. Contains questionnaires and correspondence (with some replies) from interested organisations and individuals, including: British Medical Association, Council of Clergy & Ministers for Common Ownership (with pamphlet Christians and the General Election, by S.G. Evans), Emergency Committee in Aid of Democratic Spain; Harrow and District Teachers Association, Harrow Chamber of Trade, Lord's Day Observance Society, Lovely London Council; National Conference of Friendly Societies, National Council of Women of G.B. , National Unions of Protestants, Retail Tobacconists and Women Teachers; New Commonwealth, New Zionist Organisation; Our Dumb Friends' League, Peace Pledge Union, Prudential Assurance Co. ; South African War Veterans' Association, Union of Post Office Workers; and letters on allotments, Sunday opening of music halls and theatres, temperance and vaccination. 13/83-205

Constituency Committee Papers. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains list of members, minutes of meetings 20.04.45-23.08.45, and related correspondence. 13/206-247

Administrative Papers. 1 file ts. and printed papers. Contains: Common Wealth answers Conservative challenge; Instructions for car drivers, making up canvass books, and polling district organisers; List of public meetings; and 3 maps of wards. 13/248-260

Public Speeches. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains texts of two speeches by H.L. 11.06.45 and 19.06.45, and ms. notes for 'Eve of poll speech.' 13/261-266. See also Relations with the Labour Party

Relations with the Labour Party. 1 file ms., ts. and printed papers. Contains: correspondence with Harrow Observer and Labour candidate Mrs. J. Thompson; two speeches by Hugh Lawson 12.06.45 and 25.06.45; Questions to ask Labour candidate at public meetings; 2 printed leaflets; 3 press-cuttings, mounted. 13/267-292

Leaflets and Posters. 1 file printed papers. Contains: 13 leaflets issued by the National Agent (including nos. 1-4 and 7 of the General Election series, and 1-4 and 6-9 of the G.E. series); 4 leaflets issued for H.L. ; 7 posters; and 11 leaflets issued by other candidates - N. Bower (Con.), Mrs. J. Thompson (Lab.) and Sir H. Young (Lib.). Includes some duplicate copies. 13/293-344


Interviews: written reports and tape-recordings 1964-67 14-15

(Conversations with former members of Common Wealth and others by A.L.R. Calder.)

Questionnaires. 1 file ts. papers. Contains: copies of questionnaires used in interviews and correspondence. 14/1-4

Written Reports. 2 files ms. and ts. papers. Contains: interviews (I), questionnaires (Q) and related correspondence (C) with: Miss K. Allsop and Mrs. O. Slater (I 27.02.65, C); J.C. Banks (Q); D. Bannister (C); R.D. Best (I 21.01.66, C with enclosures); H. Blomerley (I 27.10.65, C with notes); R. Brooks (I 09.12.65, C); A. Carr (I 17.11.65, C); Miss F. Clegg (Q 26.02.65, C); S.R. Dalton (Q 02.03.66, C); D. Dobson (I 02.03.67, C); D. Donnelly M.P. (I 15.12.65, C); Mrs. F. Ehlers (Q, C); J. Hemming (I: additions to tape-recorded interview 02.08.67); C.S. McRonald (Q 12.01.66, C); K. Martin (1 22.04.64, C); I. Mikardo M.P. (I 11.01.66, C); Lord Morrison of Lambeth (I 13.01.64, C); E. Neal (Q 19.02.65, C); J. Parker and members of the Eltham branch (I 26.11.65, C; See also Other Papers. Appendixes to Dr. Calder's Thesis); J.B. Priestley (I 04.05.64, C); H. Roff (I 28.07.64, C); W.J. Shearring (Q, C); Dr. Mervyn Stockwood, Bishop of Southwark (I 28.01.65, C); D.F.L. Stuckey (Q, C with enclosures); W.J. Taylor (Q 10.02.66); W.V. Titherington (I 10.09.65, C); J. E. Waite (I 11.09.65, C); D. Webb (Q 06.02.67, C); A.L. Williams (I 17.12.65, C); Hubert Wilson (I 10.02.65, C); Miss S. Wingate (I 07.01.66, C); S.Woodhouse (Q, C). Some interviews have ms. corrections; some correspondence contains comment on the script of an interview or on part of a draft of the thesis by A.L.R. Calder. 14/5-284. See also Other Papers. Enquiries 1963-67.

Tape-Recordings. 1 box, 15 reels. Contents: 1. Sir R. Acland 07.05.64; 2. Mrs. Betty Allsop 14.01.65; 3. Wilfred Brown [Lord Brown of Mackrikanish 22.06.64; 4. T. Driberg M.P. 12.03.64; 5. Peggy Duff 18.06.64, Gilbert Hall 17.06.64; 6. J. Hemming and E. Neal [?.01.65] (See also Written Reports. J. Hemming); 7.K. Ingram 20.01.65; 8. H. Lawson 08.03.65; 9. E. Millington 26.06.64; 10. Rev. J. Parkes 24.02.65; 11. D.N. Pritt Q.C. 09.03.64; 12. T. Sargant 11.01.65; 13. C.A. Smith [n.d.]; 14. C.A. Smith (continued); 15. Mrs. K. Wintringham [n.d.]. All recordings were made on a twin-track machine at 1 7/8 i.p.s., 1-13 and 15 on 4" reels, 14 on one 3" reel. 15/1-15

Other Papers

Enquiries 1963-67. (Correspondence of A.L.R. Calder with former members of Common Wealth and others, seeking interviews, comment, etc.). 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains correspondence with: Sir R. Acland 9 letters; P. Addison 3, (with detailed comments); Mrs. Betty Allsop 3; Lord Attlee 1; Wilfred Brown [Lord Brown of Mackrikanish] 2; Lady Burton of Coventry 1; D. Butler 1; R.H.S. Crossman M.P. 1; T. Driberg M.P. 3; K. Earp 1; N. Fraser 1; V. Gollancz 1; G. Hall 2; J. Haston 1; M. Haston 1; K. Ingram 1; H. Lawson 10, (with extensive comments); Mrs. D. Mackay 2; E. Millington 1; E. Moeran 1; Rev. J. Parkes 4; D.N. Pritt Q.C. 3; R. St J. Reade 4; A. Robertson 1; T. Sargant 3, (with comments); C.A. Smith 3; R.M. Titmus 1; K.W. Watkins 2; Mrs. K. Wintringham 2. 14/285-395. See also Interviews: Written Reports 1964-67

Appendixes to Dr. Calder's Thesis. 1 file ms. and ts. papers. Contains: Appendix A, The Skipton By-Election. Ts. draft with ms. corrections, Appendix B, The Eltham Branch of Common Wealth, 1942-1948. Ts. draft with ms. corrections, with letters from J. Parker and W.J. Shearring. 14/396-458


Note on the arrangement of sources

Collections of papers from the sources noted in the Foreword have been disposed as follows.

Acland Papers
See Personal papers Acland (8/1-670)
Allsop Papers
See Local records. Regional. Miscellaneous (5/217-222)
Calder Material
See Related material from Dr. A.L.R. Calder (14/1-15/15)
Clegg Papers
See Local records. Branch records: Bristol (6/1-118)
Common Wealth National Committee
See National records (1/1-4/225)
Lawson Papers
See Personal papers... Lawson (9/1-13/344)
See National records. Common Wealth publications. Conferences (4/2-8, 10-15)
See National records. Common Wealth publications. Election publications (4/133-138, 142-145)
Note: duplicate copies of some printed leaflets have been transferred without indication to Local records. Branch records: Harrow. Papers relating to the general election (7/347-414)
McRonald Papers
See Local records. Regional. 5 (5/1-38)
See National records. Common Wealth publications. Conferences (4/9)
Stuckey Papers
See Local records. Branch records: Harrow (7/1-442)
See National records. Committee papers. National Committee (1/97-106)
Waite Papers
See Local records. Branch records... Lincoln (6/119-146)
See National records. Common Wealth publications. Conferences (4/1)

With the exception noted above under Lawson Papers, any document which has been removed from its original place is recorded in a footnote and is indicated in the List by the bracketed initial letter of its source.





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