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Sassafras K2

Licence management and software inventory

Can control & audit use of software installed on PCs, Macs, Linux, provide usage reports, and timed or on demand software inventories. For certain applications, the K2 client is required for an application to launch.

Compatible with
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4500 client licences controlled through the licence servers themselves.


Server is 6.1, upgrading to 7 in summer 2013. Clients are mostly 7. Upgraded to Version 7.0.16 for the 2013/14 Academic year and then to in February 2015.

Installed on
Student Macs, Staff Macs, Staff Linux computers
Notes on availability

No longer installed on campus PCs as licensing information is now provided via SCCM. The exception is the GDSC where the Sassafras client is required for licensing of a single app.

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